Baba Please Fulfil My Wish – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from England : I am from England. I came here one year ago. I did not know anything about Sai Baba ji before a year. But now I am complete devotee of Sai Babaji.

Jai Sai Ram I never believed in God before I read about Sai Baba on Internet. I had experienced very bad things in my past which lost my faith on God. Then I read a post on Sai Babaji and started believing in Him and praying Him. He always completed my wishes. But last year I met a boy and fell in love with him. I prayed Sai Babaji that if he is a good boy then only bring him in my life. He came in my life and made it hell by his behaviour. I cried a lot for a year. I always pray Sai Babaji if he is right and loves me, only then keep him in my life. Sai Babaji always brought him in my life. And today I can’t live without that boy. But he has left me. I am praying Sai Babaji everyday to bring him back but my wishes never get complete. I am losing my faith in Babaji. I always have a huge faith in them. But now I am so alone, even Sai Babaji not helping. I want to follow Sai Babaji’s path. But as I am from England, I can’t do everything, like light the lamp and give books. But I really want to do something. I only have Sai Babaji with me on this point. I really wish Sai Baba helps me.

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