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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Sai Baba Thank You for coming into my life.I am a 32 year old lady. 3 times marriage stopped after putting invitation and now I am going to get divorced after 3 months of marriage. I am alive today only because of You, the wound I have in my heart is You know very well. I am suffering for my karamas. Forgive my sins. My brother is 34 now and he has been waiting all these days for my wedding, and it has been a failure. You know everything. Baba shower Your blessings on my brother so that he gets married soon. Take Care of my father’s health.

I love You Baba. Thank You so much for coming into my life. Bless my brother and father and each and every soul who is suffering on this earth. Forgive my sins. Loneliness is the biggest enemy. My dad had lived without my mother for last 17 years, single parent brought up us both but still lonely, so kindly take care of us. We do not have much friends. My father has sacrificed his life for us,living since 17 years alone without a partner is very difficult. My life is gone. Baba I am going to be a divorcee. Atleast I want my brother to get married soon and lead a peaceful life. Baba I Thank You for coming into my life. My father looks always worried especially about me. I am the greatest problem. I feel very sad for troubling them like this, what can I do? If divorce has to take place nobody can stop it. My mom died in 2000 August due to heart attack. After that we are alone only, now although we are three but there is always some sort of loneliness and lack of happiness in the family. Always something very big is missing in the family. I am missing you mummy, love you.

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