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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Rajalaxmi from India: First of all I have to say thanks for the wonderful platform where divine Sai leelas are being shared. I was overwhelmed at this idea and gratitude towards Hetal ji who has done a nice service so far and integrating Sai’s family all under one roof. Soon this will be posted in this site with Sai’s grace. Thank You once again.

Sai is my father, Saviour, Preceptor and none else. Sai helped me in every step of my life. Now I’m facing very hard phase of life. I was unemployed since 2015, and as an elder of my family I have to borne the entire family needs as we don’t have any source of income. I am feeling dejected and anxiety got me in to treachery. We have accumulated more debts which we couldn’t pay on time. This is the main tension which brought our family sick. I don’t how my future is going to be? Everyone has left me. If we have money, status, good position in society but no use if not no one be with us which I have personally experienced in my case. I am not intending to tell in general.

Now I have stated 7 days Sai parayan. Today is my fourth day. I have full faith in Sai Who will answer for my entreaty and accept my humble request. I have vowed also few things. My days always ends up with tears. I don’t know why we are suffering in life like this? I keep on thinking about this and feeling detached from everything. My first and lost hope is Sai Baba. Please help me get a job soon in order to avoid many difficulties. Be with me Sai. Guide me, guard me. Strengthen my confidence to overcome the hitch. Love You Sai, hear my prayers please.

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