Baba Please Help To Take Charge Of My Own Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am a small Sai devotee. I have not done anything special to be His child but He Himself has accepted me. That is my only introduction Dear Hetal Ji. Please publish this message on your website as I want Baba to answer me through devotees. Thanks in Advance.

Dear Sai Maa and Sai Family. I want to ask You all that why is this important for a girl to stick with the relationship or marriage where she gets no love, no attention to her feelings, no respect, no trust? I have already mentioned several times in my previous posts that my husband and I are living like hell. Today I want to say that it is not his mistake nor my mistake rather its destiny. He managed to marry me somehow but never paid attention, never stood for me, never gave me trust, nothing except tears, but one thing that I have learnt from all this is that it was all my mistake because I had small small expectations from him every now and then. I felt that he would be an ideal husband. So it was my mistake. His nature is different in everything than what I thought of him or would say that what he pretended to be.

Now that I do not have parents nor family support, I am seeking help from Baba to give me courage to end this here. It will only take one single step of courage and I will be out of it. What is stopping me? This fear that how will I live, how will my granny bear all this or how will I stand again on feet. Because I am not like before after losing my baby, my body is not the same. Help me Saiyaan help me. Raah Dikha Prabhu, Himmat De, Chalna Sikha, Tu Hi Sambhal (show me the way Lord, Give me strength, teach me to walk and You only take care). Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai.

Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear friend,
    I really can understand how you feel at the moment. From your writing, my understanding is that you and your husband need a break from your routine life. The loss in your life would have bough this friction between you and your husband. Try to think of all the positive memories you had with him. A requesting, pleasing word and a softer tone will make a man understand than a frustrated, anger tone. This, I learnt from my own experience. Hope this might help you. If you get a chance, try reading 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus' .It helped me a lot when I was in your situation. A change of tone and approach will make a great difference in life. Some relationships are worth handling than loosing. Also would like to mention that no relationship is prefect. We have to shape the relationship to perfection. Express your feelings in a letter in an affectionate way, he will understand you for sure. Hope this helps you friend.

  2. Dear sister, I am in the very same situation as yours. I can understand every word you say. Only difference is that Sai has blessed me with very supportive parents. I am in a good job as well. With all of these blessings itself, I struggle to take the decision what you have asked. I can truly understand what you are going through. If you need any help to become independent or seek job, please reach out to be at Would be happy to help another daughter of SaiBaba.

    Peace be with you and May baba bless you abundantly.

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