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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Thank you Hetal mam for your selfless service. Really you are doing a wonderful job. It increases our faith towards Baba, by which impossible things become possible. It shows a new way for surviving in the world.

First I am not good in English. Mam please feel free to edit where ever necessary. In my previous experience I had mentioned about my mother’s health and husband’s health. By Baba’s grace doctor said nothing to be worried regarding my mother’s health. And also in my husband’s case all reports came normal. Baba You know what had happened in 2016. We had been lost. My accident, father in-law was hospitalized, and the worst incident was that we lost our father forever. Financially also we became so down. Even I had applied for loan. Baba You know our condition was worsened. But in 2017 gradually we had gone to better condition. We paid the money from whom we had borrowed. Sometimes we feel that happiness comes after sorrows. But our happy days vanished in the beginning of 2018. My father in-law again has been hospitalized due to kidney problem. This time doctor said only dialysis can help him to survive. Baba You know my husband is only son of his parents. He has already faced many difficulties regarding his father’s health. And also You know Baba about our financial condition. For dialysis we have to go 150 kms away from home. Baba I pray You. Baba please, please cure his kidney’s disease without dialysis. Because Baba You know our problems. Baba only miracle can be done by You. Baba please, please listen our prayers. Baba I am begging You. Only good news can be heard by You. Baba please please listen our prayers. You are our only hope in this critical condition. Baba give us strength and power to face all problems. Baba please please. Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa, Jai Sai Maa.

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