Prayer Request For Husband – Sai Devotee Subhasini

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Subhasini from India: My name is Subha, I am a Baba’s devotee.
Me and my husband lived a very happy life, and we both were blessed with a baby boy. A big storm hit my life with the name of black magic, so my loved husband started hating me and slowly forgot what I did to him for the past 5 years. It happened in 2012, from then I am living alone with my son in my grandma’s house. My family and in-laws family are very supportive to me, they are very much worried about me and my son’s future.We have faith in Baba and waiting for my husband to come and live a happy life with us. Please pray for my husband Umanath to come back to his family permanently (Subha, Sailesh(son)and his parents)

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