Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am a small devotee of Babaji. Please keep me anonymous.
Baba I am hereby sending my prayers to You to make me healthy and happy. Baba it has been a year my left hand is not getting better. I am continuously having pain; I am not even able to get proper doctors for it. I have shown to few doctors and none has diagnosed my problem correctly. Please cure my eyes Baba. Baba I am suffering mentally and physically since months, I know it’s a testing period. Please Baba shower Your care and blessings upon me and my family. Please help me and my brother to settle well professionally. I want to feel the same happiness and enthusiasm that I used to have before. Baba, please forgive me for my sins. Help me to become a better person each day. Baba please protect me and my family. Baba also bless my friend, she is struggling a lot in her life, please give her the happiness in every sphere of life. Bless everyone Babaji with health, happiness and love. Om Sai Ram.

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