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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am devotee of Sai Baba since 2011. Sai Baba do more miracles to us. Sai Baba, right now, You know all of our financial problems and debts. It can’t be managed on single salary of mine. My husband’s business is not going good. Not only this, every time he started and ended up with some debts. I cleared the debts and I am became a borrower of all debts. It is continuing since last 10 years. I can’t manage single day from now on. Why You are not blessing my husband for his business and career? How can we eat and execute our responsibilities towards my daughter? Still it is continuing. At the initial stage it was going good but then ended with bad with debts. We can’t manage with this karma. So please bless my husband for his business/career and also for his earnings; so that we can solve our debts and monetary problems. Also, don’t bless me for loss going business in future. Please bless my husband and give the pathway for good earnings in a reasonable way. Kindly do some miracles. Even we are unable to pay my daughter’s education fees as well. Kindly give some money in any way to solve our monetary problems. Please Sai Baba.

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