Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from US: Hetalji thank you for awesome site.
I am a small devotee of Baba. I believe in Baba a lot Hetalji. Please do not disclose my e-mail ID and name. When I was a kid I always dreamed a good job. But it never happened. I got job but due to some reason not up to the mark. Sometime I was happy but really struggling. I am currently struggling for job in US. Somehow I got one interview call from a good place. I had applied multiple places but there was not much response even for a lower post. I am doing my 9 Thursday Vrat and Parayan also. For 1st round I got a call today (Thursday). But main round is still pending. I am really worried if they rejected me. In My home every one loves me but from inside they think I am not up to the mark. I know if I get job I will handle and work hard. Even I have promised this to Baba. I am really scared because I am not able to handle rejection. I want to prove myself. My age is also more and not much time is there. Please everyone pray for me and send my prayer to Shirdi. My only hope is Baba.

Baba I am really tired. I want to achieve successful carrier. But somehow always rejected. You know Deva. I do all Vrat Parayan with full faith. This time please don’t let me down. I am feeling so sad in front of my family. Please help me Deva please. I got both interview call on Thursday please bless me. I don’t know why my diamond ring was lost on Thursday? Are You angry with me? Sai help me.

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