Baba Please Give My Best Friend Back – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Belgium:

Hi Team, requesting to keep my as anonymous. I am a Baba’s devotee for past 2 years and I have seen many miracles of Baba in making my wish come true. Everything job, wealth, health in my life is His blessing. Thank You for the tremendous initiative as it brings us much more closer to Baba.

I had a very good friendship with one of my flatmates last year. We were very close to each other and sharing each other’s experiences and helping each other even without other person requesting for help. We had utmost care and priority amongst us. As in foreign land, we miss family; we were staying as emotional support to each other. Everything was good, until my friend, visited his home in India and came back. After that, I noticed remarkable difference in his behaviour towards me. He was not caring for me. He established new circle of friends and almost couldn’t find much time for me. Then I started feeling lonely and left-out. Then I fought about it, but the response was like, “I have changed, I have become selfish so what?”, which I couldn’t accept.

Even after 1 year, still I give highest priority to his requests / plans, but I don’t get the care needed for me back. I had to move to another city for work and after that, he is not ready to even meet and spend some time together, which is still hurting, as I don’t have any friends for me in this new city. I believe in Baba and I really hope that Baba makes my friend understand his mistake and teach his responsibility to be helpful and caring. Om Sai Ram!

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