Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a small devotee of Baba. My family consist of Baba myself husband and two daughters.
We were in Dubai and last year myself and kids moved to India. My husband is in Dubai itself l. Both of us are followers of Baba. My husband believes in implementing Baba’s core values and principles in daily life. He is a person with lot of positivity and follows a healthy lifestyle like going to gym, doing yoga, having steamed food salads, fruits etc. No other bad habits. He came to India to surprise us. All of a sudden he had planned this trip.

When reached here he was very fine but his face and legs were swollen. Afternoon he was feeling weak and was not able to walk, having heaviness in head etc. We tried but all doctors left and we decided to go to Baba’s temple (Doctor of Doctors). Next morning we consulted a GP and as advised did complete check-up. Seeing the report he was shocked as creatine level was abnormally high and referred us to a Nephrologist. That doctor said, “God is with you guys and that’s why he came all alone from there, otherwise don’t know what would have happened”. There we came to know the shock of our life. His both kidneys damaged badly and needs transplantation. We were shattered, went for a check-up and got to hear the most shocking news. Now he is on dialysis and with Baba’s blessing his brother came forward for kidney donation. All tests over, waiting for the result. But my heart still says Baba will not leave us and He is working out something for us. Operation date not yet decided as we have to complete lots of paper works. I am requesting all Baba’s devotees to pray for us too. Waiting for Baba’s miracle. Om Sai Ram

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear sister,

    Do not worry, Sai will help you to overcome the is difficulty. I have gone through the similar experience and we travelled from UAE to India with my husband having a high creatinine value of 17. I can understand the feelings you are going through and please don't worry everything will be alright. Transplant will be successful by Swamy's grace and be thankful to swami that your husband reached without any issues on that day as I ma sure it';s with his blessings only he reached safely. Do not worry

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