Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am 29 year old, residing in India.
Please do not disclose my Identity. In 2015 I completed my M.Tech. I am crying every day from 2014, after my post-graduation as I lost my love and fell into depression and health issues eventually followed. I started praying Baba day and night. I was in a dying situation. Then rather mourning on the things happened I decided to go forward and fight back and tried to get a life. But nothing is happening.

Still not getting married, don’t have good job / career / (remained jobless after 2 and half years of post-graduation). I want to go to USA as I am fed up here. I am tired of working hard, praying day and night and rejections. I did all poojas and vrats too. At this age I have nothing still, from 5 years crying and crying. I did everything that I could.

My only prayer is to get me life or death now. I am really tired. Please Baba get me married as my parents are very worried. Help me find good career in USA. Still how long I should be like this? I can’t bear anymore. If You are there then do something, else no point in living this life. Now You decide. Please pray for me. I am really tired.

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