Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I Pray for my boyfriend (Shubham Kumar Kori) to You God to bless him, that in due time he would know the joy of relationships and marriage and that he accepts me as I am. I also pray for my boyfriend that he would know God and would walk on His path.

I pray for our parents that their hearts would be softened toward the relationship. God, give me the blessings of love in my relationships. Help us both to be bold and tell our parents that we love each other and will be happy together. Lord, God, always help us to value each other, love and laugh, compromise, avoid arguments, give in to each other’s needs and live happily. Lord, my boyfriend is too a creation by You, Lord help us to clear racism. Help us both to sit down with our parents and my boyfriend and plan out what to say to them. Help us to convince our parents that there is no such thing as an outsider in life. We are all one and equal. Make them and all others related to us to realise that accepting another person into our life, is part of showing love. Thy will help our parents to know that our happiness should be our parents’ priority. I pray that we always be happy with each other together. Pray for us to become a happiest couple with each other and for our love to last forever and ever and to bear fruits. I pray that we never leave each other whatever and how big the situation might be. Help Shubham to always stay loyal and committed with me and love me from heart deeply. Pray to heal me and my body. Thank You God.

I’m going to be honest. Prayer is the easiest and the hardest discipline for me. I’m a 23 year old lady from Goa. I love a 20 year old boy from Chattisgarh. Our parents don’t like outsiders and our relationship is in danger. Our parents and few Goans as said commit racism on outsiders. Also, my boyfriend used to never lie to me more but he lied to me 3-4 times maybe but yesterday, He lied to me by staying online and pretending. I feel that our relationship is in deep danger. I love him and I want him to respect my love. I accepted him and I had gone through lots of heartbreaks in life. I want him to feel my pain. Also, I am underweight and I feel sick.

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