Prayer To Keep My Faith Strong And Make My Wish Fulfilled – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:I am a devotee of Sai since childhood. All the decision in my life are guided by Sai. I have strong faith on Him. But since some months I am suffering a lot and losing my faith. Please don’t disclose my name or email address.

Sai, I am losing my faith in You. I cannot keep up with the world. You accept me or not but I have always been Yours. I have always had a strong believe that Sai will help me in any situation if I will pray to Him. Recently I have been pleading and begging in front of You to save me from these chaos to give me Your love but You have been quite. Your silence is hurting me the most. Your love and blessings can make my little world beautiful beyond imagination. The truth and reality of the whole world is at one side and me and my prayer is at one side. Isn’t it love, Sai Baba? Isn’t it faith? Or I am wrong. I am losing my faith Sai. I don’t want to be away from You. But in my suffering my mind is asking me whole day why are you praying, Sai is not listening the whole time. I cannot give any reason to my mind to stop this chattering of its. It is winning everytime and my faith is losing the battle every time. I am crying the whole day and sleepless in most of the nights. I have prayed for happiness, blessings and love but I am sad and suffering. I have been patient for years but I am unable to be now.

A little love from You can do miracles in my life. Sai You are Almighty. If You wish You can give me anything and if You wish You can take away my all. You have the power to do impossible. I know if You will look at me with love once my suffering will end and I will be happy. I know it’s a very small thing for You to sort out my issue. You can do it in a snap of a finger. My Sai is powerful than all the forces of this world. I dream of the day when I will be sitting in front of You in Samadhi mandir and crying in happiness, for You would have listened to my prayer. I would be worthy of Your love. I would be the happiest and most overwhelmed at that time. This is my sweetest dream.

Making me sleep every night with the possibility of this much happiness and the possibility of getting Your love. I cannot understand what’s right and wrong. It seems now I have been punished for my prayers. I don’t even want to think this way about You. Forgive me Sai but this is the true state of my mind. Help me Sai. It’s a question of lifetime. It’s a question of my prayer of years. That prayer and faith is in question. I don’t know how to console myself? I am ignoring it in most part of the day. But every time my logical mind is torturing me and telling me you will not listen how much I pray or how much I plead. You just won’t ever listen to me. Forgive me Sai for this negativity. Forgive me Sai for this weakness of mine. May be I am not worthy of Your blessings now. But I can do anything to get Your love. Show me a little kindness Sai. Let my prayer win this time Sai. Let me have Your blessings. Make me worthy of Your love. I will do ten parayans if this prayer will be answered as an offering of gratitude.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. I sincerely wish that Sai will fulfill your wishes and shower His grace on you and yours.

    A heartfelt letter to Deva never goes unanswered 🙂

    Just adding a few more notes as it comes to me, maybe just surrender to His feet and ask leave all your problems to Him and tell Him that, resolve them at all costs by tomorrow as they are Your problems 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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