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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Namaste to Baba and all Sai devotees, I am From Delhi (India). I came to known about Baba just 3 months ago. Before this I never knew much about Sai Baba. But I was blessed that Baba attracted me towards Him. This was the time when I was facing a lot of problems in my life. I was facing many problems regarding my relationship and also lost my Dadaji (grandpa) three months ago. Baba helped me so much during my difficult time.

My Sai Baba knows the difficulties I am facing in my life. Difficulties are the part of life and no one can skip from these. But the situations are much hard for me. There are so many financial problems and apart this the person who was very loving to me and on whom I trusted blindly broke my trust and now I’m feeling like hell.

I was in Baba relationship with a guy from last six years. I always found my relationship a perfect one. We loved and trust on each other, we were happy together and we were planning to marry but suddenly all things changed in one day and he changed completely. He stopped talking to me and blocked me on social media. Even I don’t know clearly what the reason was that he did like this. I was heartbroken and crying day and night.

After few days I was reading Jesus quotes on Google. I am a Hindu but I like to know about all the religion and that’s why I was reading about Jesus. Suddenly there came a thought about Sai Baba in my mind, even though I never listen or read much about Sai Baba but that day I searched about Him on internet and was feeling like there is a connection between us and I started praying Him. When I was praying to Him there came an idea in my mind that I should ask Sai Baba that if He will bring back him or not. I made some notes and wrote on one of that that he is not going to return as he is not good for you and on another note I wrote that he will come back in 3 months. I made six notes like these; some negatives and some positives. On Thursday I went to Sai Baba Mandir which is very far from my house. This was the first time when I went to Sai mandir and there I chose one note and the answer was he will come back within three months. I was very happy.

Next time when I went to the Sai mandir same answer came again and Baba gave me the same answer again and again so it was not a coincidence. Baba gave me the sign that everything will be fine. I’m waiting from months for situation to change in my favour and now I’m losing my hopes. Even sometimes I doubt on my loving Sai Baba. I’m sorry Baba for not trusting You completely. Baba I’m in depression. I am tired of waiting. Please do something. By Your blessings even the impossible things can turn into possible things. Please do some miracle for me. I always read experiences from Your devotees and get hopes that one day You’ll do the miracles in my life also and I will post my experience on this beautiful site. I need Your blessings. Please help me.

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