Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Hello I am a very small devotee of Baba from India .
Baba recently my sister got married. From the day 1 her and her husband’s relations are not good. Her husband doesn’t trust her. He only listens to his family but if my sister says something he gets so angry on her. He doesn’t give any respect to my sister. He just obeys whatever his dad says.

Every day they fight. It’s only been 8 months into married life but he doesn’t consider her as his wife. She wants to work in Delhi but he is not allowing her to go and neither is he changing his job. These all things make my family really sad. My father’s health is also getting bad due to tension. We have already lost our mother 2 years back Baba.

Hey Sai with all tears in my eyes I whole heartedly pray to You that please do some miracle and make my sister’s husband realize that now she is his wife, he should respect her and listen to her too. He should start loving her and they both should shift to Delhi soon. He should love her more than anything else. Baba my sister has seen so bad phase in her life please make her husband realize. He even hits her. Make him to say sorry for all what he has done. Somebody has done black magic on him, please Baba You are only our hope. Please remove all this black magic and make them a happy and loving couple. Bless them Baba!
Om Sairam!

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