Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Om Sairam. I am a female from India.
I met an old lady in Baba’s Gurusthan. She talked so lovingly and asked for my contact no. which I gave to her.

After I returned home from Shirdi she called and send a proposal for marriage for his so called son and gave me the guy’s contact no. My mom talked to the guy and found that it was a case of intercaste for which my father won’t agree but my mom liked the guy over phone. The guy started messaging me and said that it was Baba Who wanted us to marry. I also believed the same and started talking to him.

 We also met but my father didn’t agree for our marriage. I said that if he won’t by November then I myself would marry him. But then later I came to know about his past and also his abusing language and short tempered nature. He used to doubt me always and because of him I have stopped talking to all my friends.

He also threatens me that he will file an FIR that I failed to keep my word. I am so much in depression and don’t know what should I do. My parents will not agree for our marriage and the guy says that he is dying for me and at the same time I can’t take any action because of his doubtful nature, abusing language and short tempered nature. Please Baba help me and show me the way and give me mental peace. Om Sairam.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Sai Sai Sai IMO: I think Baba has shown you the person's true nature in order to stop you from making a mistake. Surrender yourself and your problems to Baba and be brave than worried.

    Jai Sairam

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