Prayers To Guard My Reputation – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
Om Sairam. I have a prayer request and its regarding me.
I am going through lot of problems. I am getting divorced. An astrologer has indicated that there will be some hard times and difficult situations at workplace (Very scary ones which any girl would not like to go through. I can’t even mention here) in which I will be made involved without my fault.

Some influential person at workplace is having evil eye on me. Even Baba has indicated.

A person from my workplace who is jealous of my achievements will be behind this. That person wants to malign me so that I should leave the place.
Also Baba please save me from rumours scandals. Baba that astrologer has also indicated that I will have affair with someone. I don’t want to have affair with anyone. Please don’t bring any one in my life now except my future husband. Please Baba please.
When I asked Baba on Q & A site if I really will have to go through all this? He gives confusing answers like:

1. Vicious Wicked people are around you, talk to them nicely but keep yourself away from them.
2. Everyone will get what he belongs, if any one tries to grab he will die.
Devotees, I can’t believe all this. I am worried to hell and so is my family. I am having sleepless nights and can’t have proper food. Health, work is suffering due to tremendous anxiety.

Please Sai. You have always been with me. Please don’t do this to me. What is this Baba? Will You do this with Your daughter? Will You make me suffer for small mistake? Take mercy on me and burn all my bad karmas to ashes. Nothing is impossible for You. I will not be able to show my face to anyone.

Baba I am girl of clean character, pure heart and feelings. I don’t have any animosity towards anyone.

I will not be able to tolerate any blemish on my character. Please save me and protect me always.

Please don’t make me to go through all this. I have every right to live my life with full dignity.
Please I don’t want unnecessary people or relationships in my life.

Already I am suffering now due to wrong decisions and feeling guilty for that. My entire family is suffering Baba. I have had enough.

Prevention is better than cure. I will have no other choice but to commit suicide or I will have to leave my job if You do all this. You want me to suffer financially too? You know the situation in my family.

Please help me Baba. I don’t want to have a guilty conscience. I would be shattered Baba. Please
control me, my emotions and take care of me.

Devotees, am I wrong if I am praying Baba to prevent this? I want to hold my head high and want my parents to be proud of me. They should not feel bad. Please Sai.

Devotees, I request You to pray for me to Saimaa, that no such things should happen and Baba should protect, prevent and save me from all the bad people, circumstances and tendencies. Please pray for me.

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  1. Om Sai Ram..please don't get scared,anxiety by believing in astrology.B himself saved many devotees against astrologer predictions in sai Satcharitra. Read once you will get attain peace of mind. Pray to baba and have faith in him, nothing will happen

  2. Not wrong to ask Him anything with faith. Surrender to Him and He will protect you and yours. I pray that He blesses you and yours with peace and happiness.

    Jai Sairam

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