Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a dust particle under Baba’s feet.
Today 16/11 is one of the great day in my life. I know Baba since 2012. As single daughter I felt Baba is my brother. I have to serve food to Him prepared my hands(even though very bad at cooking).
But, as usual day ended with tears. So I want to put my pain here Sairam. If I did any mistake don’t forgive me like every time but punish me.

I just want to say about my father that today also he is the one reason for my tears. He don’t know anything, how to earn or how to do farming. Because of him we sold our land which came from my grandparents and survived few years with that money.
After some time the money vanished and we started running with debts. As we are from village, ladies won’t do labour work here due to false prestige. Even thought we are under treated by relatives and my father’s own siblings’ family (they are educated and rich).

So we cried for around 20 years for basic things, but my parents provided me good education again due to my past deeds. I had to wait around 6.5 years to get good job and give my family support. Past 3 years I am working, applied couple of loans and cleared most of the debts. It is more than 20 Lakhs. Because of it from past few months we started living a peaceful life without debts, and I started purchasing basic things for home(like fridge, Washing machine).

Coming to personal life I am 29 years old female. One person is in my life. Usually when I get any doubts I will ask Baba through chits. He answered me with his name 3 different times and we visited 2 times Shirdi together. But his parents don’t agree for my marriage, so he is ready to talk to me normal way, but won’t move forward with marriage. So lot of quarrels were there. He blocked me (with my request).

My parents are looking for matches. Due to lack of money good matches are not coming. I am getting older day by day, still hoping for it that Baba will do miracle. It’s Your wish Baba. But next year Dusera is on 15th (Baba Samadhi day date) please conduct my marriage before that (I think so it’s not a mistake to expect a girl getting married by 30).
My father can’t talk to anyone. He doesn’t know how to talk about marriage. He doesn’t have value of hard earned money. Always he wants clothes or anything, doesn’t think about daughter’s hard work or marriage. Even though I don’t like him for these, but still I have concern for him like an innocent person.

Due to corona, I am staying at my home from past 9 months. Exactly day before my birthday he went to someone’s house in my village trying to misbehave with that relative’s wife(40 years old) and he is a 60 years old. He doesn’t even bother about 29 years old daughter’s marriage. What word should I have to use, to describe that person?

I could say the most unfortunate person is my mother as she doesn’t want to break her marriage life, still she carries all these problems with all her life along the struggle for basic things. I don’t want punishment to him for this life or next life, but what mistake I did to be born as a daughter to him. I am always trying to be a good human (may be sometimes I do mistakes). My mother said to please pray Baba to give him good mentality. I know Baba many small things I prayed and You fulfilled. But does it require prayer for Your sister/daughter Sai?

My laptop is showing 0% battery. Today it doesn’t switch on also for few minutes. I prayed to Baba if it got switched on then I would post here. Yes it is working fine now.
Baba I gave dress to Shirdi idol. Sai You know, please accept this sister’s dress, wear any day, any time, but please accept it Baba.

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