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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a Sai bhakt.
On 21st October, 2020 my mother had gone through a surgery of gall bladder. Due to her prior surgery, an open surgery was recommended for her. The operation went well and she is recovering. One problem is that it is almost a month that she is getting fever daily in evening or at night time. Earlier we thought it might be corona so quarantined her (As my husband at the same time got corona positive and she was in contact of him also) and gave her paracetamol and some antibiotics. Then after suddenly after 13 days she had a stomach ache due to gall bladder. 

We thought the fever might be due to gall bladder as doctors told us that it was pus inside gall bladder while they were operating and moreover her test of corona came negative. And now it is about 10-11 days after operation, she is still taking antibiotics through injection, but her fever is still there. In morning her temperature gets normal and from the evening to night it increases. Though it is in between 99-100, but it’s almost 1 month that she is taking paracetamol which is not right. My father and family are tensed. 
Still we can’t understand what to do, why is she getting fever for so long. Please pray that her body temperature comes to normal and pray for her speedy recovery and that she should have no more fever anymore. She had diabetes and BP also and she is 63 years old. She is very weak now due to all this. Please pray for her speedy recovery as I can’t see her in pain. I have also started Nav Guruvar vrat for her recovery. Om Sairam. Jai Jai Sairam. I love You Baba.

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