Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Geet from India:

My name is Geet. I want to pray for my friend Reetu. 

 Om Sairam to everyone. Saiji Reetu needs You the most. Her family is pressurising her to marry a boy. Sai she wants to build up her career. Sai we both can’t make them understand. Saiji we both need You. Sai Babaji please cancel this alliance and make Reetu’s family understand that Reetu is right. Hey Sai, she has already been lost her faith in God but Babaji it’s I who says that believe there’s Sai. Babaji her family beats her, tortures her.
 No one listens to her. I just want You Babaji to please listen to her prayer and save her from her family and unwanted marriage. Saiji help her to leave her house quickly and in finding a good job Babaji please. She will do Your 9 Guruvar vrat Babaji. I’ll post this experience on the site Babaji. What else we can do? We will try our best. Hey Sai, please for me atleast help her Sai. Please Saiji, please forgive us for our sins of every life. 
Sai I just know You are true and You will help us but this situation is restless Sai because she doesn’t have any chance and hope that she would be able to leave this house or not. Sai please help her. I shall be thankful to You mere Sai (my Sai). She also shall be grateful to You Babaji. Please help us. Om Sairam. I know You know everything Babaji but when You gave Your trust to someone this is everything Sai. 
Please bless us Babaji. Save my trust and her trust Sai, please. We need You. omSairam. Sai Samrath. Om Shri Sai Rakshkam Sharnam.

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