Babaji Please Give Me A Good Job – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
Saiji please give me a good job Babaji.
I am a small devotee. Babaji please come and save my trust. Saiji I need You the most.
Saiji I am Your child Babaji. I have been praying and kept patience Saiyaa. I have left my house Saiji thinking that You are with me. Sai I know You are with me Babaji. I don’t want to commit anything wrong with my life. Saiji I came here for job in a reputed company. Saiji You know everything. First of all please never let lockdown happen again Saiji. I am literally crying Sai. I just have only You Saiyaa. There is no one. Sai I promise that I will keep 9 Guruvar fasts of You. Please bless me a very good job so that I can tell to my parents that I am happy and my decision is good. Saiji please just for the sake of my prayers, trust and patience; Babaji please save me, save my reputation. Please secure a good job for me with good salary. Saiji please. 

Saiji I am in trouble. Saiji please solve this and remove my tension immediately. Saiji give me a very good job. Babaji I promise that I will go Your temple and will have darshan and do daan(charity). Saiji please, please Babaji I am sad and helpless. I need a job in a kpo sector. Saiji please stop the lockdown. Babaji please. I promise will do 9 guruvar fasts when I will get a perfect secured job soon and will pen down Your experience Saiji on this website. I am sorry for my evil thoughts Saiji. 
Hey Sai many people are keeping eyes on my trust. Babaji they are just hoping that if in my life good things can happen then why not in their lives. Saiji please understand my situation. Please Babaji tomorrow is my interview. Sai Babaji they are saying that they are hiring only the experienced persons. Babaji I don’t have experience. Babaji I need this job. They say they have kept on hold. Saiji I don’t want to be on hold. I want to work Sai. 
Till then I used to say Sai is there, believe Him. Saiji now it is Your turn to prove it. I am sorry Babaji but I am really sad, please help me. Please I need You like my life line. Sai please I trust You and thank You Sai for everything. I need You, please come Baba. No one is there with me. Please Sai please I need the job. Shri Sai Samarth!

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  1. Till you find something as per ur liking n qualifications you can try n check if any NGOs have vacancies.
    Many good NGOs hire staff n pay wishes🙏🙏

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