Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a devotee of Baba since 2013, praying for my marriage since 6 years.
With Baba’s grace I got job in IT field in which I am still struggling to sustain. I am very grateful for this. Along with this I am praying Baba for my marriage from 6 years. Since last 3 years I and my parents are trying very hard for this. We have done all the required poojas and rituals as well. Every day and night I am worried about this and cry in front of God. Due to this I could not concentrate on work. My mother is also worried and depressed about this due to which her health is getting affected.

I always feel if Baba’s physical form was present then I would have ran to Him and fall on His feet to fulfil this wish just as it mentioned in Sai Satcharitra. Even though Baba is not in physical form as He says He still listens, so I pray and cry daily in front of Him. All my younger ones are getting married. I should feel happy for their marriage but I feel very bad and cry in pain as mine is not yet done. Every time I think about this, my throat is filled with pain and sorrow and start to cry unknowingly. Same is with my mother as well. I have taken many vows for this. I always ask Baba if my bad karma is not allowing Him for my marriage, please postpone it to my next births just as it mentioned in Satcharitra. I agree that few alliances I have rejected, which I should have not done and have asked sorry for this. I think too much on this, is it not happening due to my rejection or still Baba has not blessed or my time for marriage is not come?

I have taken this deeply to my heart and go out of control sometimes. I always watch devotional movies and look how God has blessed them. I am doing Nav Guruwar Vrat as well and hope my marriage will be fixed before completion of this. After consulting well known astrologers and spent a lot on doing all the required remedies, God is not blessing me and my age is also passing. Sometimes I feel is marriage written in my fate and feel like it’s better to die instead of suffering all this pain. I pray Baba whoever is praying for their marriage to fulfil it as I know the pain of it. I am waiting for Baba to come in my dream eagerly and show some light on this, so that I could stay in peace. But Baba never came in my dream after so many prayers. If I am so unlucky then why did Baba make me to pray Him? Even after praying and suffering why He is not answering my prayers? Why Baba is testing me like this? This has hurt me a lot. Consequently I felt Baba is not there, it’s all just myth and later used to console myself. I have believed Baba is my sole refuge, if He is not blessing me then where else should I go? I humbly request all the devotees to pray for my marriage with a good partner at the earliest. Baba, please bless me with good, loving and desired partner soon and keep my hopes on You live. Please Baba please, this is my humble request.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Baba, please bless this devotee and give her a good alliance so she can be married. Her parents cannot see her suffer and it is every parent's wish to have their children married and settled down in life. Please bless this devotee and work your miracles. OmSaiRam

  2. Please bless the devotee and give her a good alliance. Take care of her and help her. Remove her parents sorrow and bless them by getting their daughter married.OmSaiRam

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