Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: I am a small devotee of Baba who is still deciding whether He has accepted me as a devotee.
Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform. My mother’s side family have been Sai bhakt for many years and my father’s side have been Guru Data devotees for many years. I was introduced to Baba in my young age as bhajan but had forgotten Him as I grew. However, Baba reappeared through my mom during my tough times and He continues to be with me during my still ongoing difficult situations.

I would like to submit prayers to Sai Baba requesting blessings for my parent’s health. I stay in USA and my parents are in India.
My mom is diabetic and my dad is a heart patient. My mother also was recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis following severe back pain. I am worried about their health and pray to Baba to cure:

1) My mom’s back pain and make it strong as before where she can work, walk and enjoy life.

2) Cure or control my mom’s diabetes so that she does not have complications.

3) Help my parents to achieve healthy weight so that most of their health issues are solved.

4) Help my dadsto maintain his BP and hence his heart.

5) Recently my dad developed a boil near his anal regio. I am worried that it should not turn into an abscess since I recently suffered and was admitted for it. I have experienced the difficulty and pain with it. I pray that his boil to be cured very quickly without any complications.

6) Recently my mom developed severe itching and boils in both her legs. I pray to Baba to cure her skin problem without further complications.

7) My dad planned to construct a house at a site. He started construction with a known constructor. Since he knew him, he over trusted him and paid him huge amount. The constructor cheated my dad and fled away with money. The case is in court for several years and house has been half built. My dad is always tensed about it and this in turn affects his BP and heart. By God’s grace, recently, one of our friends knew a nice constructor and the work started again. It was going smoothly until now. Now due to Covid restrictions, the work is again stopped. I pray to Sai to help to complete the house construction soon. This will help to reduce my parent’s tension. This will also free them and they can come and visit me.

Sai Baba, You know all my wishes. Please forgive us, if knowingly or unknowingly there is any mistake from me or my family. Please relieve us from this difficult time and give us the strength. Sai Baba bless my parents. Please bless me to behave properly with my parents so that I do not hurt them and create more tensions. Please Baba save us. Always bless us as You have been doing.

Please bless the whole world and relieve everyone from this Covid. Lord let there be no sufferings/ deaths due to Covid. Thank You Baba for all Your beautiful blessings and leelas. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam…!

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