Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Kindly do something Om Shree Ganeshji, Krishnaji, Hanumanji, Durgama, Sai Babaj, Ramji. Please do some miracles in my life that my sister Vasudha’s marriage with Veeeaj will be happy and peaceful till lifetime. May they live happily and peacefully. Please do some miracles that my parents, my in-laws, our friends, Semal, Saurabh, my family members, Saurabh’s family members and Vasudha will live longer and they all will live for more than 96 years of their respective lives happily and peacefully till lifetime. May I live happily and peacefully throughout my life with Your grace, mercy and blessings. Om Shree Ganeshji Krishnaji Hanumanji Durgama Sai Babaji Ramji.

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