Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I live in USA and I like Sai Baba so much. I know I trouble Him a lot. I feel bad for that.
As some of you know there was a sudden flood in Kokan couple of days back. My family lives there. Suddenly around 8 pm I got message that there was flood water in our house and we all came up on the terrace of the building. I was very scared because they got this flood water in the house for the first time. I was so scared and in 1 hour when I called them again they told me that flood water was at the level of window. That was the last phone call with them. Then network went down. 

From Wednesday night to Saturday morning we all were so, so worried because there was no news from them.

Just got the news that rain has stopped and there is no water has reduced. Finally Saturday 7.30, I got a message from one of my relative that he got call from them and now they were going to another town for couple of days. It was impossible to stay in the same house. 

I was able to call them only once and they said that they were ok. Again all phones are not working so since yesterday I am not able to talk to them. But I know by God’s grace I will be able to talk to them once and they are doing ok. I promised Baba that I will share this experience here and Baba helped me in this. I am not in the right state of mind right now, so I don’t know how I am writing this experience. Baba, please forgive me and please be with us all the time.

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