Prayer Request For My Sick Baby - Sai Devotee Sreelakshmi

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Sreelakshmi from India: I’m Sreelakshmi from Nashik, Maharashtra. My baby girl of 1.5 months old is unwell. She has difficulty in breathing and swallowing milk and thereby she has lost massive weight. She is currently admitted in NICU and is on ventilator. Doctors have told that baby has some genetic muscular disorder due to which her muscles are weak to breath or swallow. Therefore there is no treatment for it. They have literally told us that she won’t survive long and even there is no hope for a miracle. Our entire family is in deep sorrow and completely broken. She is our first child and anything bad happening to her is unbearable for us. I have been praying and pleading to Sai Baba to save my baby as doctors are not giving us any hopes.

My husband and myself are completely shattered and we don’t know what else to do. Only God Almighty can help us and make my baby rid of all health issues and bless her with complete health and long life. Lord Sai Baba please listen to our sorrow and grant our daughter Your gracious blessings. We need nothing else in life, just need my little baby girl back healthy and with long life. Bless us Sai Baba. I have complete faith in You Baba that You will make miracle happen and save my baby. Because I love her more than anything and consider her as the greatest and a holy gift from You which I want to be with me forever. I promise You Baba that once she becomes completely cured; I will come and visit You at Shirdi with my baby and my whole family. Please hear my deepest prayer and fulfil our wish. We will be grateful to You forever in our life. We trust You and have complete faith in You Baba. Love You Baba. Om Sai Ram!

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