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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India: I am small devotee of Sai Baba I am going through bad phase in my life. I need Baba’s hand.

Om Sai Ram, please don’t disclose my identity. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba after seeing so many miracles post and experience post. Please forgive me if my English is not good. Daily I am praying Baba each and every God daily from 8 months. Me and love were in relationship from 11years. We were in relationship from engineering and we didn’t expect anything in life like money, settle, home but only love.

When I was in a bad phase he came to my life and we were happy. We knew that my mom won’t agree. After I took my job, my family started looking boys for me. I rejected everyone day by day and gradually I started telling about him. They also knew about me. They thought that he is my friend. One fine day I told him to talk to my mom and he talked. She didn’t agree. Again 2 times he talked. She started thinking about him because she knew no one can look after me like him. Meanwhile his parents got proposal. His family knew about us and one day he asked and told the situation.  My mom agreed for our relationship for our marriage but his family became reverse and rejected. They blackmailed him, arranged and forcefully did his engagement.

Daily I am praying to Baba to get him back because without him I will be not happy in my life again. Baba knows because if I get 1crore also I will be not be happy without my love. We both are praying. I am going to temples, praying each God. Next month is his marriage. We both want to cancel his marriage. Baba, please help us. Once his marriage is cancelled I promise that I and he; both will come to Shirdi and I will do Nav(9) Thursday Vrat. Please Baba, You know right that I didn’t expect anything in life. Please Baba, cancel his marriage and get him back. Your daughter also want to be happy in her small life with him. Please Baba; keeping faith and patience in You. Don’t let Your daughter fail in her life. Sai Baba Ram. Om Sai Ram. Please pray for me. Please Baba fulfil my one this wish.

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