Sai Baba Please Help my Brother & Mom- Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From USA:

I am Baba’s ardent devotee, praying to Sai Ram, day and night at His lotus feet.

Baba today is Thursday, I beg at Your lotus feet to please bless and support my brother and mom. They are helpless and dependent on other family members who abuse and disrespect them. My brother has learning disability because of which he cannot read, write or understand much things but he is smart enough to manage himself and do all other manual chores. He does not cause any harm to anyone but just he does not fit in anyone’s social realm as he cannot contribute much.

My mom is a very simple God fearing lady. She does not fight or argue or disrespect anyone but why Baba they both are always ill-treated by everyone big and small in the family. They suffer humiliation every second. Baba You always help the needy and helpless. Please support them. Please have all our friends, neighbours, extended family support them that he gets married to a good girl who accepts him as he is and assures that they get respect from everyone.

Baba looking around, I see no one is there to support him and my mom. I see You only. You can do miracles. You can change people’s mind. Please make my bhai & Bhabhi accept my mom brother as they are and help them get married or make them realize the importance in any way You prefer. They suffer a lot because of her. Baba, please bless them and please see that nothing unfair happens to them. Please support them as they will not understand what documents they are signing on. Please Sai Ram provide them support and fair security so that no one can abuse them or cheat them. Please always be with them. Om Sai Ram!

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