Prayers reached Shirdi on October 8, 2008

Sai Devotee Jaiprakash had been to Shirdi last week and he has sent a mail describing how all wires were pulled and how prayers were accepted by Shirdi Sai Baba.


Dear Sai Devotees,

Jai Sainath to all.

I would describe a miracle that recently took place. As posted earlier in the blog I had requested for prayers to be placed at the Feet of Shirdi Sainath as I had said that I would visit Shirdi on 28-29 September 2008. I visited Shirdi on these dates. But some how I could not place the prayers at the Feet of Shirdi Sainath.

I did not mail you even when I returned from Shirdi on 1st October 2008. While starting back to Kolkata from Shirdi, I thought I would visit Shirdi around 8-9 October 2008 to place the prayers as I had committed to all for placing their prayers at the Feet of Shirdi Sainath. It was Sainath’s miracle that I could again visit Shirdi in a span of one week on 8-9 October 2008. All the prayers sent to me were accepted by Shirdi Sainath and infact the pujari did not even object and placed the total print outs of prayers exactly at the FEET of SHIRDI SAINATH in the SAMADHI MANDIR on 8th October 2008 aound 3.30 pm.

May Baba Bless us all and give us more and more opportunities to visit Shirdi.

Jaiprakash T L

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