Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on October 15, 2009

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With Sai Baba’s immense blessings and grace, we are called to Shirdi to celebrate Diwali this year also like last two years. Diwali is a special festival and its importance increases when chance is given to celebrate it in Baba’s darbar. Shirdi shines with amazing glory during Diwali with lamps all over. I feel myself very lucky to be present at this time of the year. Dwarkamai and Chavadi are decorated to their fullest capacity. Flowers with beautiful arrangements adorn Samadhi Mandir and gold ornaments adorn Sai Baba’s idol admist colourful shawls, gold crown and stoll in contrast colour. All these things carry less importance but when our eyes see it and heart feels, it touches the bottom of hearts.

I would be more than happy to take prayers of Sai devotees with me. I request to send prayers on this mail id i.e. latest by October 14, 2009. Also i would request you all to send prayers on this id only henceforth as earlier mail id i.e has been disabled.

Alongwith this post i would also like to share some thoughts of one of my Sai brother regarding this seva as follows :

Jai Sai Ram…

Dear All, some of the devotees do not like to pray for someone / taking prayer for someone to Shirdi Sai Darbar as of course Baba is Omnipotent. Other side some people think we’ll pray & others should not interfere in their Devotion as this is very important to take something from those who cannot managed to go to Shirdi.

A very true thing… Baba is only One & Savior of All… Without His wish not a single leaf can move… Infact, this beautiful creation & all the living beings are created by Baba himself… & “Our Actions & Inactions belongs to Him – Good or Bad, Bhakta or non Bhakta…” We do only as per His wish… even our thought belongs to Him… This Bhakti path is as sharp as to walk on the edge of sword… Sometimes it’s very easy to understand Baba Ji & sometimes very difficult… One name of Shri Sai “Om Shri Sai Sulabha-Durlabhaaya Namah – Om to Shri Sai easy to reach (yet) difficult to approach, Prostration…” It’s also true; Baba is Omnipotent, Omnipresent & Omniscient, Lives on our Heart & we do not need to pray for someone / taking prayer for someone to Sai Maa, but what are “Prayers” exactly – Its just a “Message or Feelings – they all are Bhaav (good or bad & happy or sad) & our role is just to convey their messages / put prayers at the Lotus Feet of Baba Ji & rest will be taken care by Baba Ji itself.

We all know, when Baba was in blood & flesh (but I have a great feeling Baba is still in blood & flesh – His Maha Samadhi was just an illusion as we can see, feel, touch, meet Him), lots of people came to Shirdi & requested to Baba Ji’s close Devotee, Shri Madhav Rao (Shyama / Shama) to put their wish in front of Baba & Shama Ji did the same for others lot of times – taking prayers / messages / donations on the behalf of Devotees. Only then Baba accepted the prayer request. Even when some Devotee was unable to meet Baba Ji then He/She send Dakshina / Prasad / Messages / Prayers for Baba Ji with someone else going to Shirdi.

“Trust me, whenever I take the prayers / messages to Shri Sai I always call / remember Shama Ji in Shirdi to take care of all prayer request as I am very small Devotee of Baba Ji & may be my approach is wrong & also pray to Shri SadGuru Sai to accept all & reply accordingly. Please listen all human beings – Bhakta or Non Bhakta”. I want to share one blissful feeling to you in between, last time in Feb. I went to Shirdi – Sai Darbar & give all the prayers to Pujari Ji in Samadhi Mandir in front of Baba Ji… He asked me what is this?” I told that “Ye Bacchon Ki Prayer Hai Baba Ji Ke Liye – these are prayers of kids of Sai Babaji” then Pujari Ji opened the envelop to check & put all those in the Lotus Feet of Baba Ji & immediately, tears were almost coming from my eyes. My heart was very heavy & I was shivering & all the hairs of my body stood up. I was in great feeling of joy. I knew that Baba has put His blessed hand on my head & now He will take care of All. What a blissful feeling…!! Oh…!! Deva please do it again & again.

We all know this, when Samadhi Temple (formly known as Butti Wada) was in under construction, Baba said to Shama Ji “After the Wada is completed, we shall use it for ourselves. We shall be together there; there itself, we shall all play and embrace each other lovingly and enjoy a time of plenty happily”. So calling Him or His Bhakta for fulfilling our wish is acceptable from my point of view.

Although, Baba knows the inner most feeling of each & every person & we do not need to ask anything but only few Devotees were like that in that time, viz. Butti, Khaparde & Jog always kept quite in front of Baba Ji & others asked more & more. It reminds me one another conversation of Baba Ji & Shama Ji describing in Shri Sai Satcharitra about the letter of Damu Anna for sugar business. He sent a letter to Shama Ji for Baba Ji’s suggestion & without opening that Baba gave His opinion but still Baba Ji gave permission to open & read loudly. Infact, He is the master of Universe & He was just doing His wonderful Leela.

Even though, I found on one community of orkut… “Don’t ask anybody to pray for you… Baba says “BREAK DOWN THE WALLS BETWEEN YOU AND ME”…. so don’t ask anybody to pray for you… keep direct contacts with SAI… He will listen to everyone…we are his kids… if a person is ailing then we can pray for him because he can’t pray. But if we are perfectly ok, we should not ask to pray for us…” But in my opinion, is it necessary??? Only few understand the hidden messages of Baba Ji. Still I have a strong belief, What Baba do…only He knows… we are just kites/puppets and our threads are in Baba’s Hand… So, “Pray for humanity and serious issues… not for our egos & not for taking granted and to do mistake again…” but… Baba forgives again and again… & this is the true nature of Perfect SadGuru… – SAI…

(Bowing My Head in Your Lotus Feet…Forever)

Last but again, I have written very lengthy mail but want to share one more beautiful thing Shri B. V. Narasimha Swami Ji said… “I searched for a ‘SadGuru’ all over – in the South, in the East and, in the West. When I came to Shirdi, I found Him in my Heart”

Thanks for bearing me & please accept my apology if I hurt anybody’s feelings & wrote wrong.

Suggestions are always welcome to uplift our Spiritual ways/life.

Baba bless us All

Jai Sai Ram…

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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