Prayers Reached Shirdi On January 19, 2011

Sai brother Anil ji is back from Shirdi and he has updated us about prayers reaching at Lotus Feet of Lord Sai Baba. Below is his mail.

Om SaiRam

By BABA Grace, all our Prayers and Dakshina has been humbly placed in BABA’s Samadhi then in Hundi on January 19, 2012, Thursday morning.

I had wish to see BABA in yellow dress in above mentioned day as a sign of BABA’s Acceptance of our prayers. I don’t have any word to express of my joy & gratitude when I saw BABA in yellow dress while I reached in temple, that is not an only yellow color dress or cloth but, actually that dress was made by solid gold which BABA was wearing on that day.

So, please strengthen your hope with FAITH and PATIENCE. Certainly, our beloved BABA will shower HIS GRACE to us, to HIS all devotees.

By BABA Grace, I will try to send Udi and Shri Sai Satcharitra to those devotees who made a request and who sent me a complete mailing address. As you know, please keep in mind that it is not easy to get internet café here. So, if I couldn’t communicate properly and timely, please forgive me.

Thanks a lot giving me this opportunity.

Shri Sachidananda SadGuru Sainath Maharaj ki Jay

Om SaiRam

Anil Ranjitkar


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Hetal Patil
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  1. Thankyou so much Anilji,
    My prayer really got answered because as you placed the prayers along with mine on thrusday., on friday the person whom i felt i had lost came back in my life again.
    Its a miracle for me.
    Thankyou Anilji.
    Koti koti pranam to you my dear saibaba.!!

  2. Dear,
    I felt very nice after reading that line ..'the person whom i felt i had lost came back in my life again.
    Its a miracle for me.'

    I am also waiting for the same thing to happen…Pls pray for me….I need ur prayers…God Bless You dear….

    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Thank you so much Anil Ji for placing my request in Baba's lotus feet . Definitely our beloved BABA will shower HIS GRACE to us, to HIS all devotees.


  4. Dear devotee,
    I got that special person back in my life again may be because I prayed to saibaba that if I deserve to get that person back in my life then I won't say " Thank you " but I'll help literally one crore strangers and all their " Thank you " will be placed on the feets of saibaba through me.
    Literally crores of thank you to saibaba. Please baba, give me strength, determination and blessings to complete my promise.
    Om sai ram
    May saibaba bless you too..

  5. AnilJi Thank u very much for placing my prayers at Baba's holy and divine feet…
    Baba bless us n all 🙂

    @Hetalji – by mistake in the title u mentioned 2011 instead of 2012 🙂 …. By the way hoz ur health and howz ur grandfather….i hope baba takes care of him…

  6. Thank you Anilji..Thank you very much for placing our prayers at BABA'S holy feet…i already feel that BABA has accepted all my prayers..i really can't really thank you enough for this noble work.

    Thank you once again

  7. SAiram
    can somebody send me some UDI from SHirdi.
    my address

    42/23, Vijaya Flats, II Floor, Flat no 7,Postal Colony 3rd street, west mambalam, Chennai 600033. India
    Thanks to all

  8. pls somebody send me UDI from shirdi….my name is menagah my address 5643 jalan datuk haji ahmad badawi 13200 kepala batas seberang prai utara, pulau pinang, malaysia.tq a lot

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