Prayers will be Taken to Shirdi on September 27, 2015

Namaste Hetalji

Om sai ram

Sai baba has called us to have His divine darshan on sunday I.e. 27th September. Would love to take the prayers to His lotus feet. Devotees may send their prayers by thursday 6 pm, as we will be leaving on that day. If any prayers reach after that I won’t be able to take the print out, but I will write on a piece of paper and take it to baba.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Please pray for my career and my married life.. As we both are facing problems in our own life … We had decided to adopt a child as he had lost his mother we both are ready to take the responsibility of that child… But we both are having different caste and his family are not accepting our relationship. Baba nothing is impossible for you..Baba I just want your blessings..OM SAI RAM

  2. OM SAI RAM…
    My humble Pranams to his lotus feet sri shirdi sai baba.I have been married for 2 years now and have been trying for a kid.Please pray for a healthy kid by next year as i am starting my treatment from today..
    Thank you soo much for your service.
    Jai sai ram…

  3. With baba's blessing my marriage has went well and had got a best man as my husband. First of all I want to thank baba for this. Unfortunately there are a quite a few financial problems. Baba please help me to solve these problems. Also I'm unemployed now.baba request you to help me to find a job and also bless me with a baby. Please baba help me. Please give me strength to handle all situations. Please baba. On sai ram

  4. baba thankyou for everything you gave to me. please bless my parents with with peace.My father is striving hard for work.please bless him.

  5. Would like to thank baba for being there for us. Please pray for my husband's health. Please tell him to take away all my pains. Om sai ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram. Baba u know what i am going through. Please help me with a solution. I really need your guidance . Please show me the right path. I am very much me your miracle baba please.

  7. Sai Ram

    Loads and Loads of Thanks to Sai baba for giving me this chance of sharing my prayer in a way that I reach out to him through you.

    Sai Baba, thanks as a single word is not enough to say all the miracles that you did in my life. Please walk along with me as you always do. Make me feel your presence around me. I wish to come Shiridi to meet you, please make this wish come true. Am miss seeing you at your own place , though your always around me.

    Sai Baba, please bless my family and save them from their tough days. please show me the right path. Sai Baba, am very weak in my job, i dont interact with people and I dont have extra ordinary skills like others do. Please give me strength to overcome all these hurdles.

    As you very well know that I fear for each and everything which puts be behind achieving things. Please bring me to light from the darkness I am.

    Thank You Sai Baba
    Love you Forever

  8. Om sai ram..Thank u baba ji for everything.You have been with me always..Sai baba ji bless my family with health nd love..Take care of my husband nd my son..Forgive me for my mistakes..Just stay with me always nd guide me..Baba ji please call me to shirdi..keep showering your blessings on all your children..Om sai ram..😊

  9. | ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः ||Shree Sai Baba… I am your devotee from Zimbabwe. On this auspicious Sunday Shirdi event please pray for all. Let there be Peace, harmony, love and Good Health amongst one and all. Aum Sai Ram.

  10. Om sai ram. Thanks for your kind service. I want to convey about my love to my parents & would like to get married with their acceptance & blessings. To Cure my mom s leg pain. He isnhaving problems in his work. I pray sai to give him strength to overcome and reomve his obstacles. Please pray. Saibaba please bless us all.

  11. Dear friend.. THANK you so much for this blog.. It's my BIRTHDAY ON 22nd SEPT.. When you posted it.. It's baba'a gift for me..
    Pls pray baba to bless me with the baby boy.. Cure my disease and bless my husband.. Mother father.. Bhai bhabhi n whole family..n forgive us all for our mistakes…n shower Lisa love like this always..OM SAI RAM

  12. please pray for my carrier….please pray that i get success this time…please baba dont let me defeat this time….i need a job and u kno well….please help me….

  13. Please Pray for Me..Just say that I need Him..& l love him a lot..Just want to say Sorry to Baba If in any way I have hurt anyone or I have not listen to him. Om Sai Ram!!!

  14. Om Sai ram… Please say Thank you to mere Sai ram for always being with me and my parents. Iove you baba…koti koti pranam apko…meri galiyon ko maf kar dena…

  15. Pranam Sai baba and thanks for everything I know baba you always with me ilu baba. Baba you know everything I'd many mistakes plz forgive me and bless my relationship. Baba u are testing me and I have faith that I'll be pass your test with your blessings love u baba. Baba plz call me Shirdi plz. You have given me every thing plz now give me my Alok

  16. Through you i reach my Sai. No words to express my gratitude. Please pray for my kids' education and my hubby's good health. Also for progress and success in my career. Its a tall order i know but for Sai maa its all possible. Thanks to you for being a medium for carrying my prayers at His lotus feet. Sai fulfill all your wishes too. Om Sai Nathay Namah.

  17. Pranam Sai ma.i love u baba. Thanks for everything Sai and plz be always with me. Baba plz bless my relationship plz forgive my mistakes and give me my Alok. Sai please call me Shirdi love u baba plz come Sai nath plz

  18. Hi Priya,

    This is Ravi from Bangalore, please pray for my sister's family crisis, and my daughters health. Thanks you very much for exucuting this Gods service,

  19. OM SAI RAM🙏🏻 please pray that I get my hall ticket and that I am allowed to write my exams or else 1 year will go for a waste for me. Baba please help me and give me my hall ticket 😓🙏🏻

  20. Jai Sai Ram! Baba please help us to overcome the situation we are in…Please bless us with satisfactory outcome with your support Baba!

  21. Om Sai Ram, Swami Please bless me to pass my Degree and get a good job. Please also remove all my health problems Please be with me forever. Your Loving Devotee

  22. Dear Ms. PRIYA, thank you so much for rendering this service. Firstly, I would like to thank Baba for being with us and blessing us in all walks of life. I request Baba to please bless my son with good, uninterrupted sleep, a healthy, long and happy life. Alwaus be with him & guide him to the right path. Please bless my husband with long& happy life. Bring us even more closer and bless us to have a better understanding of each other. Bless my parents & sister with a healthy & happy life. Please grant their hearts desires & protect them. Bless everyone in our family and everyone in this world. Let everyone be happy& peace prevail. Please take away all my worries and negativity and bless with peace of mind. Thanks for everything you have done for us Baba. Be with us & Bless us abundantly always. Koti koti Pranam to your Lotus Feet Baba. Om Sai Ram. Om Shri Sachidanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ji ki Jai

  23. Baba…thank you for everything which you have given to me..
    Baba save me my career…my whole life depends on it…nobody wants to see me succeed but I must do it for my family…help me recover from these health problems of head..stomach and feet..and others…help my dad to face all problems and keep him safe from my mom to come out of depression and love herself…show my bro and frn right path….
    Baba…bless me and my family…we have only you…and its only you who can protect us…

  24. Dear Ms.Priya

    Thanks for this service. My uncle is at Shridi today and i always wonder when will i get my chance to fall on his lotus feet. Somehow , i find it today and feel that i am at Shiridi.

    Dear Sai,
    I came to you at Shirdi when i was studying class 10th. From then on, you are with me. But it is pity that i could not recognize your presence and feel your blessings.

    Pl Baba send me a right person to get married and a right job for my talent.

    Sai Ram, when no one helps me , you came on my way, hold my hands firmly and help me to cross this karmic river safely. Please help and protect me.

    Be with me always.


  25. Thank you Ms Priya for performing such a noble service. May Baba bless you

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

    I've been wanting to come to Shirdi ever since you've appeared in my dreams and invited me to your holy land. Please grant my this wish, Saima.
    Also, bless that my relationship with my other half for the past 4 years now should always remain strong and no one with bad intentions come between us. Bless us a lifetime togetherness. Sai Ram!


  26. Om Sai Ram.
    I've been wanting to come to Shirdi ever since you have appeared and invited me to your holy land in my dreams. Please grant my this wish.
    Also, bless that my relationship with my other half for the past 4 years now should always remain strong and no one with bad intentions come between us. Bless us a lifetime togetherness, Saima.
    Om Sai Ram!

    Thank you Ms.Divya. May Baba bless you

  27. Om sai ram.. baba u r my life. Everytime u gave me happiness n success baba my papa is suffering frm advance stage of cancer and he is so weak to face chemotherapy. Baba plz cure him. U r d world-s greatest doctor. U can do miracles. Baba plz do some miracle for him. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz baba cure my papa n save his life.. i know baba that u will do it for me.. u say everytime that i am ur most affectionate child so plz baba accept my prayer n do some miracle baba.. love u baba .. plz help me out baba. Waiting for ur reply n miracle.. u r child..

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