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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from an Anonymous devotee in Australia visited India after her marriage and lived with her husband and their families. Soon after she visited India, within four days, there were arguments in the family due to my husband’s nature of flirting with girls and assaulted me.

When it happened for the first time, I was devastated. This is not the life I had dreamt of. Baba was always there with me but however I started realizing this from 2012. He has always helped to come out of any difficult situation which life has posed to me. In fact, before accepting this marriage proposal, I had prayed to Sai Baba that I will go wherever He takes me as I trust in Him. As I knew He will never do anything bad for His daughter. Last week, my husband was arrested for domestic violence. Over the trivial issue, my husband hit me and I had to inform the police. But I didn’t knew he has to suffer so much for this. He was in custody for 4 days. The Court has asked us to stay away from each other until the next hearing which was scheduled on 2 Feb 2016. We could not see or talk to each other.

After the court hearing, my husband is charged with aggravated assault and the punishment was this is of 4 years. We recently got married in Feb 2015. Though I have submitted the forms to drop the investigation and to revoke the intervention orders, however, I am getting restless as I don’t know what is going to happen.

It is a request to all Sai Baba family members to pray for my husband. He has lost his job and is staying at a friend’s place. I don’t want him to be sent to jail or to spoil his career. I love him a lot. I had to do this as this is the 7th time he hit me in last 4 months. I am feeling guilty for all this. Please pray to Sai Baba to help us to lead a peaceful life together. Baba is the only hope I have in life right now. I read lots of miracles happening all over the world on a daily basis. I believe strongly in Baba but I am getting restless and impatient as I am scared about the relationship that we share. I can’t live without my husband. I request you with my hands folded to all the devotees of Sai Baba to pray for us. Thank you!

We pray to Lord Sai Baba to fulfill your prayers and wishes.

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  1. dear plz.have faith on sai baba ji. He will definitely give u streangth during these dark days of ur life. I pray heartly to baba ji plz. remove ur toubles & make ur married life prosperous. u just recite sai sai sai sai sai from ur lips everytime. certainly u will feel change .OM SAI RAM.

  2. Dear sister…baba is just making your husband realise what wrong he is doing by hitting you.

    Do not worry all will be well he will help you with this was nt u who call the police it was is like that and leave it on him

    • Thank you for the kind words. By Baba's grace, i am seeing good changes in my husbands behaviour. But i hope it remains to continue even after d court case is resolved. I dont want him to be punished by court. I just wanted him to realise his mistake n consequences. Om Sai Ram!

  3. Hi dear..just keep faith on baba..baba is just making your husband realize what sin he is doing by torturing you..your husband will definitely realise and change his attitude..i pray baba please help your daughter to come out of this big obstacle in her life..make her married life peaceful.. Pls baba pls..

  4. Thank you everybody for your prayers. However, things are still not good between me & my husband. I am not willing to go back to him as of now so i had joined a job here in India. He is not even talking to me. He has blocked my number. I know its just a phase of life and Baba will help me to come out of it.
    Om Sai Ram!

  5. Om sai ram…pls pray for my husband ….he is an alcoholic and in utter trouble now…no one is there to help us other than baba….pls baba ..pls save us…bless us to lead a happy life..

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