Prayers will be Taken to Shirdi on February 16, 2016

Om Sai Ram!

Dear Moderators please try to put this as a separate post in the website as it may be of some use to devotees who want to send their prayers to Shirdi.

Dear Devotees,

Our beloved Baba’s grace has pulled me to Shirdi. I will be visiting his holy abode on 17th and 18th of February, 2016. I would be glad to place the prayers of devotees at His Holy Feet.

Please send your prayers to before 16/02/2014, 5.00 pm as I will be traveling and cannot check my mail or take printouts after that.
It would be easy for me to identify the prayers if the subject is “Prayers to take to Shirdi”.

May the kind hearted Lord Sai shower His blessings on all.

Ananthakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Shri Satchitananda Sathguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Is there no punishment for Karthikeyan Rajamani Amirthavalli, a cheater and a liar who promises to marry a fatherless and brother less, knowing that her brother just passed away two months back when he sent the marriage proposal and then betraying the fatherless and brother less !
    Is there no punishment ! Has not LORD seen him doing all the injustices to the helpless girl who has no one in this world to look after her ! And there in Chennai and Coimbatore he is enjoying all the good things and blessings of life ! Who is working in his life ! GOD or Devil !
    Is there no justice O LORD !

  2. He is not worth to u dear.
    It's better he cheated before marriage.
    Karma will not leave any one.
    Just think u passed u r karma with all these.
    Saimaa will bless u with good life.
    Jai sairam

  3. Om sai ram, currently I am do not having job in my hand and facing financial problem. Please forgive me great job in pune

  4. Sai baba Meri madad kariye. Mera GRE Ur TOEFL ka exam Acha jaye Aur Bahot Acha marks aaye. Baba Mujhe US mein admission mil jaye MS ke liye.
    Baba logo ko lagta hai main Kuch nahi kar sakti zindagi mein. Sai baba please Meri life ko direction de dijiye. Please Meri help kariye baba.

  5. Sai baba, aap sab Kuch Jante hai Meri zindagi ke baare mein. Baba please kisi bhi Tarah se bataiye ki Mujhe Kya karna chahiye. Baba please save me. I am not able to bear this pain of broken heart. Please help me and guide me baba

  6. Sai baba, my boyfriend left me without reason very badly. Now he want to be back in my life. Baba please tell me what to do. Should I forgive him or move on in my life. Please save my future baba. Please help me Sai baba. I need you always. Sai baba my priority after breakup was to study n get a good college. I m not able to study. Please take care of my study. Give me strength. Help me n bless me Sai baba. I love you mere Sai baba.

  7. Om Sai Ram πŸ™
    Sai baba please help me. I need your support n blessings. Baba you know everything. Please handle my life baba. I am not able to do anything now. Please suggest me what to do in this situation. Please madad kariye Sai baba.

    Anantkoti brahmandnayak rajadhiraj yogiraj Sri sachchidanand sadguru Sai nath maharaj ki Jai πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  8. YOU are 'Pandharinath Vithal incarnate, the merciful Lord of the poor and helpless'. Being 'Father' of a fatherless and brother less child of YOURS, is it too hard for YOU , BABA, to bring a justice for all the injustices done to her regarding marriage since September,2012 ! The wrongdoer got all the marital bliss, from marriage to fatherhood, now nurturing parenthood at Coimbatore and Chennai city, being blessed with a baby boy in Dec,2015. We are yet to receive any justice. Is there anything too hard for YOU, BABA , if YOU will !!!

  9. Where are YOU LORD seeing all the injustices regarding my marriage after my only sibling’s death in JUNE 2012 ! If YOU are not for the helpless, orphan and poor,then where will this fatherless and brother less child , go LORD ! Is there no JUSTICE in YOUR KINGDOM !!!

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