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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Maa, Bow to You Sai Maa. I am a small devotee of Sai Maa from Tamilnadu. Sai Maa, I am writing this prayer to You with Your blessings only. Please forgive me for all the sins and mistakes I did in my life. You know everything happening in my life, no need for a letter to write. But still writing to get the blessings of Your kind hearted devotees too. Please guide me and forgive me for my scolding too. I don’t have anyone except You Sai Maa, I am alone. Even I knew You from my childhood, I surrendered to Your Feet when I was in love with a guy and problem in getting marry to him. I loved him a lot like a mad I was those days even now I couldn’t forget him. I begged You to make my parents to accept my love and to get marry him with their permission. But everything went wrong my parents did not accept, he left me and hurt me. The person who I thought as my life, threw me away from his life. What wrong I have done Sai Maa? Because of him, I lost my career, I lost my happiness, I lost my life, my parent’s lost trust on me. But now he is leading a happy life with good career. Why these all happened in my life. I prayed You with full hope but You did not accept my prayers. But years passed, i thought You just saved me from a wrong person who is unfit for my love so it all happened. But now Sai Maa, 2 years have passed and there is no change in my life. I am writing so many exams. Even with all my efforts used, I am not clearing any to get a job. I couldn’t try for my last job field I worked as I left with a long gap. I couldn’t face anyone. I lost my confidence too now. My friends all settled with a good job in Top MNCs, do You think I am inappropriate to get a job, I also have responsibilities Sai Maa.

I also have small wishes in my life. Without a job, I couldn’t face anyone in my life. Being idle at home is killing me Sai Maa, am I born for sin? Why these much troubles and failures in my life Sai Maa? I am totally fed up Sai Maa and full of frustration. Why Sai Maa You are not hearing my prayers? I realized Your presence 2 or 3 times when i am going in wrong path, You saved me and warned me, You cured my nephew’s illness within a few minutes. But while coming to my prayers You are hiding somewhere. At last coming to marriage issue, You know very well i am 26 now but till now my marriage is delaying because of my mistake I have done but now I realized and accept for marriage I asked You to give me true love and caring person as my husband. But some people pulling me to wrong paths Sai Maa. I am afraid of doing that please save me from that too Sai Maa. Please bring happiness in my life too. I am also yearning for that. It’s like living in a hell this loneliness making me ill. Please show me a way please show light in my life. Please provide me with a good job and life partner Sai Ma. I don’t have anyone except You, I don’t have any other hope in my life. Please Sai Maa show me mercy, be kind to me Sai Maa. I am doing wrong things in this frustration, please show me the correct path. Dear Sai devotees, please pray for me to get my life on correct path. Om Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear devotee
    Om sai ram..
    Please keep faith in sai. I knw its very difficult at times to maintain but u have to ..for yourself. Utter sai sai whenever u get time and u will be blessed with happiness.. try as many consultancies and jobsites or some short courses and rebuild ur career…dont pray for your marriage sai will take care of it pray for you career and work for it. 26 is not a very old age its all about society. Take care of yourself and start working on it..i am 27 running and praying sai to get married to my love. He broke up with me in december as his parents are not calm myself and divert from this m too looking for jobs but its 9 months..but m still trying..but when u have sai as your guru the sufferings becomes easy to bear. Feed poor and do good to everybody.. meditate for yourself.. if some one has achieved in his career you too have the abilities.. the love which you could give to a person shower that love to yourself and start working on it i am sure u too will come out shining bright..we all feel down at times but its ok remember shri sai and get back on track again..please dont loose hope .you will soon be blessed with happiness.. tc
    Om sai ram. May sai baba bless each one of us and help the needy. Om sai ram

    • Dear Sai devotee,
      Thanks for ur kind ,encouraging words and prayers for me..May saima shower his blessings on u too and fix ur probs..Thanks again..

  2. Dear sai devotee,

    What is your qualificationa and what kind of job your looking for.From which city you are.Kindly let me know the details.I wil see whether i could help you in any way.

    • Dear Sai Devotee,
      thanks for ur kind words. I'm a BE graduate and having 2yrs exp in Android programming.. But now there s a break of 2yrs..I'm from Tamilnadu..

  3. Have faith in Baba definitely you will get good husband , Job and you will get settled in the life, if possible start donating food at Baba temples on Thursday I am sure you will find some difference in your life…..

    • Dear devotee,
      Thanks for ur kind words and prayers for me..i always pray and did donation as much as I cont in future too…May saima shower his blessings on u..Thanks again

  4. Dear friend,
    Om sai ram…
    that guy left you because our Sai has better plans for you. Keep calm have faith and wait for good time. You will get a good life partner. God bless. Pray Baba. Om Sai Ram——–Sheeba

  5. Can anybody answer me i am 33 year old girl unmarried jobless whose sister is also having marital troubles.i never asked sai before but i want to know how long will he take to fullfill my wishes.4 years at home no support.
    How long can i keep shardhha and saburi
    Today i need an answer.

  6. Dear Devotee, Please keep faith in sai and remember that he is always watching you.

    Just try to assume that he is within you and what would you behave having sai within yourself. You would then stop all wrong doings. Further, imagining sai is within you will make you leave/forget all your sorrows and enjoy his posture. This will lead you to have increased trust and exhibit patience which is Shradha and Saburi.

    Right now you are too much wooried about the problems you have in your life rather than bhakthi towards sai maa. The moment you leave your problems and concentarte on sai, all your problems will be solved.

    Trust my words, i am going through a tough phase similar to yours in my life too for the last 10 years. But i have the faith that he is watching me wherever i am and teh moment i think of him i say that i shouldnt worry as i am at the serene shade of sai baba.

    Trust me your prayers are always heard. Just have the shradha and Saburi.

    Om sai ram

    • Dear devotee,
      Thanks for ur kind words ..I'm trying not to wry abt the past and think abt sai nly.. But whenever I think abt my job or when my parents speak about my mrg unknowingly the worry starts …Don knw..saima only have to guide me and save frm this difficult phase.May saima bless u too..Thanks again

  7. Sai would definitely bless you dear devotee. It all depends on the right time as decided by Baba until then please have Shradha and Saburi.May Sai bless you!

  8. Thanks all dear sai devotees who prayed and blessed me with kind words.. I take ur blessings and words as from our saima..I hope soon saima will solve all my problems and show me a good path for my life…May saima bless u all too and Thanks Hetal ji for posting my prayers ..may saima bless u too..

  9. Dear Sai devotees,

    Like other sai devotee friends mentioned, always trust in Baba and wait for the right time. Whatever problems you are facing, these are the sins from path or present birth and Baba is helping you to wash those sins with less impact.

    I am not a sage who understood whole life but from my experiences in life I can only express my opinions like this :

    Career – Everyone of us should concentrate and bring out our abilities to succeed in career. Work hard ,do best and wait for first job and/or suitable job. If its taking longer, then don't feel shamed to do any small job. Nobody in life get success in a snap and even if they get without hard work then what is the use !I know in that as a student to get a break in career is sometimes long but don't hesitate to do small job.

    Job is very essential because it brings confidence in you and rest all things will fall after it. People respect someone who can earn by themselves otherwise its always like nobody trust your abilities. So work hard and wait for your right time. Instead of thinking why it is taking long, think what can you improve for the next job trail.

    Love of Life – I am true example for Baba's blessings with right person in my life.I didn't fall for person who approached me in my college ! Yes, surroundings will force you to jump into it but if you trust Baba and leave it to him, he will take care of it. He knows when he should send you a perfect partner in life.

    Marriage – Please don't conclude with age factors, its never too late. What's the use of getting married earlier in life with someone who is not right person and suffer for life long. Always settle in life and make appropriate right choice. Unfortunately in our Indian society people bug with age factor and hurry for marriage. Nobody will involve to resolve the issues of a unhappy couple instead *Comment. So don't think marriage is the goal, it is just part of life. One should build self as if they don't need support from others which will help you to take care of yourself and guide others.

    Never loose hope, always remember everything happening to us is for a reason and there is def a lesson for us at the end. And Sai is always protecting us making sure we have less impact.

    Face the problem with a smile and leave everything to Baba.Its easy to say things but never hard to face with Sai help. Hope this helps somebody who is waiting for an answer from Baba.

    Love and Peace to all
    Sai Friend

    • Dear sai devotee,
      thanks for ur encouraging not in a hurry for marriage but my
      parents force me to marry soon so im praying saima for perfect life partner for me.Thanks for ur blessings
      Om sai ram

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