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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from an Anonymous Devotee from India: Baba, You know that I am writing this with full of pain and tears. Baba, this is my last prayer request Baba. I don’t know, why You are still testing me Baba. I am still waiting for my marriage. It had been so long Baba, please I really beg You. Please listen to my prayers. Please bless me Baba.

I did many Pooja’s Nav Guruvar Vrat, Divya Pooja, many times reading Sai Satcharitra but no help from You Baba. Being a girl, it is too hard to face society. All are questioning me without any my mistake. My parents too are facing trouble. Please help me Baba, I had a good family. I am leading a good life. Baba, I know You can help me this moment but why You are not helping. I am losing faith Baba. I am very much afraid. You know, I believe in You like my mother but I am afraid that people may laugh at my faith. Baba, I need Your answer. Baba, when do You help me Baba. I am waiting for Your help Baba.

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  1. Om sairam. Please dont bother others and please dont lose faith sai sister. Our baba is taking away our past karmas by testing us. The only way to pass through this time is to meditate upon our sai maa. He will surely take through us without pain and finally bless us with our need. Praying for you. Let baba bless you with good partner. Om sairam.

  2. Om Sai Ram, Baba please bless the devotee who is looking for a suitable match. Please bless her soon with a good husband and a good family life.

    Dear devotee… Hope you find your loving partner soon, trust Baba.

  3. Om sai Ram Please dont loose faith on our baba I am 32 age girl and I found my partner with baba's blessings last year but we have lot of struggle in our marriage for now (words cant express what we are both going through),take this phase of your life as karma & keep chanting baba's name trust me he will never leave your prayers unanswered ,When I can tell you this trust me this is only because of baba i am able o even pass each & every minute of my life my friend.

    Just hold on to him dont leave him at all at any point ,he is just checking our faith & patience ,he is such a sweet friend ,father & mother for us how will he allow his kids to be in pain for long time..I know he is now taking all your pain on him and he will bless you soon with your life partner and mark my words you will write about this in the same blog soon .

    Your misery is coming to an end,baba is going to do his miracle in your life .

  4. Hi ,I dont know why you are so much focussed in marriage . marriage is not a necessity. Just enjoy life , enjoy your freedom .when things have to happen it will happen automatically. After u get married who knows things will be perfect .so if things get delayed , its okay. If you are too pushy on things its not good. Be independent, explore the world. You are your best company. Screw the society.Be happy and enjoy every single day. We dont alwez need a man. :-). Tc .whatsever happens its for your good. Every day is a blessing…

  5. Dear VJ Ak,
    Really great,your words have height of good understanding and acceptance.
    Lets practice shraddha and saburi.

  6. Dont worry Sai sister, Just leave all your concerns for time being and meditate to visualise the picture of sai baba. You have to say to yourself that what ever baba decides you will accept it with open heart.

    He is omnipresent and he know when to give what. We as humans can't visualize our future. I wish you would feel ecstatic about his grace in sometime from now.

    Just leave the entire burden and concentrate on him. It worked for me when i was going through much more difficult phase and when i started meditating him, i felt all things were getting into place on their own and as though i was just a spectator.

    Remember, whatever you are feeling and going through in your life, he is already aware of. he just needs your shradha saburi. Try to achieve the focus.

    I sincerely wish that you would get a good life partner soon.

  7. Same situation we are also facing. Iam also waiting for baba's blessings. I have left everything to baba's decision Baba knows when to give what to give.

  8. Dear Sister,

    Sairam will definitely bless you with good life partner … Even I found my partner by the blessings of our Sai deva … Also we are looking for good alliances for my brother now .. Sai will surely bless his devotees who have utmost faith on him.: if u don't mind sharing ur details, you can share it here or some mat id so that our Sai friends will also try to find a good life partner for u … Sairam sister

  9. Meri bhi ye hi haalat h shaadi ho to keval sai bhkt se nhi to ……
    But i think ladke sai bhkt h hi nhi aur h bhi to m kisi sai bhkt k layak nhi.
    M sirf sai baba ko chahti hu but mujhe mere jaisa kbhi koi nhi dikhta .log sansaar m bhi fase rhte h , aur sai sai b japte rhte h, character aur vairagya ka bilkul abhaav h dilli jaise sheher m behen 🙁

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