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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetal Ji and team, thank you for maintaining such a beautiful blog and connecting all Sai Devotees. With the blessings of Baba My sister got married last year. At beginning everything was going smooth and happy. Later problems started. My sister’s husband and his mother started showing their original face. Before marriage my sister was university rank in both UG and PG and worked in big MNC. They told to resign her job and now they are treating my sister as slave, Giving foods to her which cooked yesterday or 2 days before. Her husband is not sharing any information and is not taking care of her. Her husband don’t have any bad habits but he is a mother son. He will do any work only mother gives permission.

One day, my Father went to ask why doing like that. In front of him they treated my sister as queen and acted. My sister is an innocent and childish girl so she don’t have guts to speak with them. Her husband says if she ask anything, he will leave her in the road or in our home and go. Because of that she is bearing all problems and requesting my father to don’t ask. I don’t know when her husband and mother-in-law will change, here i stated only few problems but there are lots and lots of problems happening in that home. Only my Baba knows all the things. Dear devotees those who read this please pray for my sister. I know the strength of combined prayers. Baba please bless her with happy life and beautiful child soon. Let her problems go away. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. If she is qualified ask her not to bear the torture and come out of that house. You don't need someone who will treat you like a slave!!

  2. Dear Devotee,

    Surely, Sai Baba will bless her. Problems come into our life so that we can show our determination and faith in God. Surely your sister is a brave heart and she is given strength by our Baba. She is doing right by bearing the problems and leaving the circumstances to Sai baba. Those who are in pain and good at heart will always be watched by our sai baba.

    Further, Definetly all our devotees blessings are with her. Soo her husband and in laws will mend their ways and appreciate your good natured sister.

    Trust my words, just ask your sister to leave all the problems at Baba feet and ask her to assume that she is serving Sai baba sitting at his feet. Soo she will start feeling the difference.

    I am saying this with my personal experience. The moment ii left everything to Sai baba feet, i felt as though i am just an spectator watching my own life and all friends and relatives came to help me out of their way which they never did before and finally i was rid of the problem. Baba is teaching us how to remember him.

    Jai sai ram!!

  3. My sister also got married when she was 33 with the grace of sai ande that too on thursday.
    But she is suffering a lot.
    She us very patient sweet and humble whereas her husband has anger issues and bad drinking habbits.
    They kept us in dark moreover they lied about his salary and so many things.
    I really dont understand how can sai let suffer his children.
    I hope all our problems will be solved.

  4. Dear Sister , we ill pray for her. Please ask your sister or you can do on her behalf chanting of Shri Sai Kasht Niavaran matra.

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