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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from Australia: I am Sai devotee from 2012. Thank you Hetal ji for this great platform to share all devotee’s experience. I am attending many interviews these days to support my husband and parents financially. I am looking for job opportunities for more than 2 years by now, I would like to support my family especially my husband and my parents. I have attended so many interviews past two months and went in to final interviews for three times and didn’t get selected. Yesterday I have attended one interview, it’s about an hour and a half, the experience was really great one of the higher official was interviewing me, normally the interview with HR and technical team but this interview was with the head of the team, he is very casual and asked unusual questions normally these type of questions were not asked for general interviews. I really liked the way he treated me and gave me opportunity to speak out my thoughts and ideas, I was genuine with him and replied all questions, I did quiet well. He said he is going to get back to me by today afternoon, as he was interviewing four candidates, I was the last one interviewed yesterday. I already missed three opportunities, I really don’t want to miss this. Please Baba help to get this opportunity that would be really great.

We are in the plan of expanding our family as I already have a kid 7 year old, my kid is asking for sibling because of my health issue and financial situation we aren’t able to plan. Please Baba help to get this job, therefore I can plan for my second baby and help my parents financially. The first three job experience was quite good. The first job interview I got selected from 470 applicants and went in top two and missed out. The second interview was very technical and I managed to perform well and I did, they liked me but they said looked for bit more experienced candidate. The third job interview was very nice, the interviewer were very nice persons and asked technical and behavioural questions, I did really well and hoping that I would get opportunity, but I missed out. The yesterday’s I attended was the fourth job interview, the experience itself is that great experience, I can see Baba’s resemblance in interviewer’s face, so I was happy and confident. I am not expecting high pay all I need is good work place, that I can see in yesterday’s interview. Please Baba help me to get this job, definitely it would add more value into my life to expand my family, so that I can plan for my next child. I request all Sai devotee’s to pray for me. Om Sri Sai Ram, Jai Jai Sai Ram!

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Devotee,

    May Sai Baba shower his blessings continuously and you shall get what is good for you rather than what you want.

    I think, you must leave your expectations at his holy feet and serve him by following his preachings. Soon you will get what you deserve.

    He gives us right things at the right time.

    Jai Sai Ram!!

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