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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: Om Sai Ram, i am a small devotee of Baba from past 9 years. In 2007, my brother shifted to America leaving behind my bedridden mother. Everything become so dark but Sai Baba gave me immense power to help my family. At that time, we went to doctors and they told us that only 2 years are left for my mother. But i never gave hope. I applied Udi regularly. Even after 8 years, her health did not improve but Baba gave her more life than expected. She got expired in January 2016. Before one year, i got married. My husband told me, relieve your mother because she is in so much of pain. Our first child will be your mother. I thought maybe he is right, my mother was in so pain even i can’t see her like this. So i thought if Baba will is this, i will accept. One day she left us. In 9 years, Baba helped me so much that i can’t express. It’s not easy to take care of bedridden patient but i did because of Baba. I left my job also. But i have no regrets because mother is everything. May be Baba wants to wash my sins that’s why He wanted me to serve my mother. Maybe her next birth will be better than this one.

My brother even didn’t come to her funeral and now he is saying, i will take care of my father because now he needs property. This is Kalyug, even my father also says he will go with him because now he needs to think about his future. I said, it’s ok but leaving all this i want to have baby. I had a miscarriage in December. I went to doctor. As my age is 32, she told me that my egg is not growing, i don’t why it is. I felt so helpless at that moment, i was lost. Pain after pain but as i started reading blog i am regaining my lost confidence. But why pain for those who perform their duty and my brother has now become so rich still he thinks that i should be out from house as what i did is for property. May be there is some mistake in my prayers that’s why after so much struggle, i faced this. Everyone says to me, you take so much of stress that’s why your problem has raised but i have lost my mother. I can’t write more but Baba please help me. I want to have my mother back and i want baby. Maybe after my marriage, i become little weaker in my prayers but now please help me Baba, please help me.

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    My Sai please help you child. Put an end to what she has taken. Bless her with a baby girl who is her mother. Make her life happ my sai…

  2. Dont Worry Dear Mother. Your wishes will be fulfilled by our beloved BABA. BABA always takes care of mothers and protects her children as he did in case of Tatya for Bayajibai. You have already became mother to your mother. So she would not wait long to come into your womb again. Please keep faith on him and you will get what ever ever your are praying for….


  3. I am sure your mother and He are looking at you and will soon be blessed with joy and success 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Don't worry sister definitely sai will bless u with a healthy baby girl very soon. Think positively. u have already so many good experiences with sai. He will definetly help u. Read saisatcharitra

  5. Dear Sai Sister , pleas dont worry. Baba will help you. Please keep on chanting Shri Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra.

  6. Sainatha Kashta Nivarana Stotram

    Read the 10 namams 3 times a day to attain ‘Shraddha & Saburi’ which removes all your troubles and fear in life.
    Prathamam Sainathaya
    Dwithiyam Dwarakamayiney
    Thritheeyakam Theertharajaya
    Shashtamam Shirdivasaya
    Saptamam Sadgurunathaya
    Ashtamam Aanadanathaya
    Navamam Niraadambaraaya
    Dashamam Dattaavatharaya
    Ethani Dasha namani Trisandyam
    Yaha Patenneraha Sarva Kashto
    Bhayanmukto Sainatha Guru Kripa

    *Bow to Shri Sai-Peace be to all*

  7. Dear devotee, do not worry, continue your faith on baba. You can read sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra. You can do one mala, meaning 108 times. This will surely help you.

    You can do Sai 9 Thursday Vrat. Below is both of the link: one to Kshat Nivaran Mantra and the other is Sai 9 Guruvar Vrat. May baba bless you and your family and answer your prayers soon. Sai Ram.



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