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Shirdi Sai Baba prayers from Sai Devotee Nisha from Kuwait : Dear Sai Devotees, Koti Pranam to Sai Baba’s lotus feet. I live and work in Kuwait and I look after my children who are too small to understand the difficulties of the world. I am at present in need of sincere prayers to solve a mystery. I was given a job with 2 files which was very important to review and prepare a report. This job with a little struggle was completed and submitted to my boss and kept the files in my file rack (there is no lock to these racks). All this happened last weekend and settled with the job.

On Sunday morning I came to office at usual time and wanted to file a paper in the same crucial file and found it missing. I searched the whole department and all in vain. My colleagues helped to find it and still the same result. The missing report was informed to my seniors and boss on the same day. Now one week passed and no trace of that file which we understand someone purposely have taken that file. Now I am in deep trouble as everyone is thinking that I have done to create problems for other colleagues, which is not true. Till date knowingly I have never hurt a person but kept quiet for all the pains in my life. I request all of you to pray that I get back the file and the culprit as the good name I created is getting sabotaged. Moreover, being a silent devotee of Baba, it’s hurting my integrity and self esteem. Hurting me means hurting Baba too which I cannot take any more. I know it’s a silly matter for some, but what is in reality is something different. Kindly pray for me.

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  1. Om Sai Ram, please help your devotee in this time of trouble. Don't worry, you will get your files back, just have faith and wait.

  2. Sister,

    Dont worry Sai baba is with you and thats why you are given strength to face this. Dont feel bad that your colleagues are thinking about you. What matters most is what Baba thinks of you. Sai baba said in his stacharithra that one who bears pain will be his favourite devotees.

    He is watching everything and he knows the screenplay. Just be patient.

    Jai Sai Ram!!

  3. Baba sai pls bless back the file your devotee nisha has lost plus all happiness success and parmotion.happy and blessed full life all your grace upon above said devotee nisha ji.om sai ram blessed you.we all r blessed .bow to shri sai blessed to be all.

  4. Om Sai Ram …baba please bless this devotee & reduce all his uncalled problems…Bless him so that he retains his reputation & genuineness…Om Sai Ram

  5. Sai never leaves anyone he always helps everyone. He will also help you. Trust Sai Maa like mother he will get you your files. OM SAI RAM

  6. Sai today im in too much stress. I have always loved my son and his child. But he is behaving very rudely with me. He doesnt want me to interfere in any matters when he is coming or going. He is not respecting his father at all. I have only one son and every parent is concerned about their child when will he understaand this.

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