Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On August 6, 2016

I am extremely excited to share the news with you all that i have been called to Shirdi by Lord Sai Baba after one and half long year on August 6, 2016. You all can send prayers to me on hetalpatil(@)gmail(.)com with the Subject line “Prayers to Shirdi – August 6, 2016”. Unlike every time, to conserve our nature and trees, i wont be taking print outs of all prayers instead, i would save all prayers in a word file and take it in my phone and I will pray for all. Do let me know if you all agree to this.

An Update: Few in comments and few through emails, i have received requests to take Paper Prayers to Lord Baba as mobile phones are prohibited in temple premises. This was my concern as well. See, this is how Lord Baba guided me – We will be spending one night in Shirdi. I prefer being present in Arti anywhere in Shirdi except in Samadhi Mandir because there is lot of rush and pushes and pulls distract me. Now Lord Baba asked me to do Night (Shej) Arti in Dwarkamai and if luckily rush is less, mobile phones are allowed at that time. So i will be keeping my phone on the floor of Dwarkamai so that He can go through all prayers (though He knows all of them, already!). In other case, if i am not allowed to step inside Dwarkamai with my mobile, i will sit in front of Dwarkamai (being less crowd and shops closed) and then ask Him to bless all. I will pray for all. He loves all His Kids and bless them with all their desires as per their devotion and appropriateness.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Hetal ji,i m very thankful n very much appreciate your thoughts on not taking prints,However plz read my 2 cents -its not like we send them daily once in a year 5-10 pages we can afford,Reason 1▪ the feeling of surrender only come when we leave something at baba nagri at his lotus feet,we can take a flower and can show baba d flower n bring it back ,to me it will be feel like that .2▪ We r humans n all we do worship in sakar bhav ,yes nirakar bhav is next but still cant reach that ,we can pass our pain and budrden in a best way ,and feel free if we do Arpan "अर्पण ",i totally aggree baba will read the moment we think in mind what to write but for our satisfaction, we can save paper throughout the year,its a practice one should follow always but …its just my view,sorry if it hurt anyone.

  2. Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for taking our prayers to shirdi… My only concern is that they don't allow mobile phones inside the temple then how will it reach baba…if you can take it in papers and leave it at babas feet that would be more satisfying.i am only saying my opinion but please do as it suits you
    Thanks once again

  3. Om sai ram … Its so kind of u hital ji. Prayfor my parents . They r facing financial issuses and also for my grand mom . She met with an accident .

  4. hello sir im very happy for this. convey all our regards to our baba ji and have a happpy darshan ji,but thanks a lot for such concern shown by you towards allof us sir.baba refrain and restrain all of us from all the sorrows and provide a sort of patience,persevarence and peacefulness in all the situations of life baba

  5. Dear Hethalji,
    Thank u very much for ur concern towards everyone. Please pray to Baba on behalf of me to bring happiness in my life. I've none except Baba to take cr of me. This is my humble and sincere request.

  6. thanks a lot hetal ji …om sai ram …saimaa pls bless every soul…saimaa u know what problem m going through…pls solve it saimaa pls saimaa pls solve it …

  7. Sai baba, please Meri madad kariye. Kal 23 September 2016 ko mera TOEFL exam hai. Baba Bahot darr lag raha hai. Exam Bahot Acha jaye Aur mujhe Acha marks aa jaye baba. Please help be Sai baba. I need you badly. Sai baba please saath Aur aashirwad de dijiye baba. Om Sai Ram ��

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