I Pray Baba To Give A Job To My Brother Baba Please Baba – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Dear Baba, this is my heartfelt prayer to You. You know well that my brother is very innocent and he still don’t know the outside world. I want him to go into a good job for his career, but I’m sure it is You only making him for some interviews as I’m doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. I’m happy for that. But nothing is work out. Please Baba give him hope and confidence about his life and decisions. You know well that how much I love him and I want him to be success in his life, so that I and my parents also will be happy.

Some interviews are coming, but he is afraid about his english and knowledge about work. Please make him confident and give him a nice job as he and we wished. After getting a good job, while he come for first year vacation, he will come to Shirdi to pray under Your Feet, I’ve promised him that Baba will give you a nice job and If it happens you must go to Shirdi, he said okay sure. But now prove me Baba that You give him a job, pull him towards You, pull all my family towards You. Please Baba. Already my brother has crossed so many difficulties at this young age, now he is okay but still worrying about his job only. Please make him happy, give him a job, make him realize that You are with him. Please Baba, if he gets a job, it’s only because of You, none other than You. I pray to You wholeheartedly. Once he gets a job, I will post this experience here.

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  1. My prayers to Deva that He blesses you, your family and your brother with success and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. Baba please bless him with a good job. I'm also in a similar situation where in my brother has no job. Even if he gets a job, he hardly stays in that job for few days. Baba today I am really fed up with his behaviour and at the same time worried about his career. Please please I beg you to give him a stable job and relief our family from this stress. Please change his attitude and behaviour. Make him realize the importance of job and concentrate on his career. Please dear devotees. Pray for my brother's job. Please baba help us

  3. Dear Devotees,
    Thaks for all to pray for me, this is my post, We all belong to baba's feet, definitely he will wipe out our tears…. rest assurd….Om Sai Ram.

  4. Om sai ram! ! Kripa korna babaji taki meri railway interview adssa hojai or muje job mile. Me neya hu , kus galti ho to maf karna. Please please please please babaji babaji help koro taki muje job mil jai.

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