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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Thanks for Hetal Ji for making this wonderful site. Dear Baba, this is not my experience I beg You to show Your miracle soon.

One year before my close friend was missing, but You gave a small hope that he will come back and meet me soon, but till now not any symptoms for it, but I believe You wholeheartedly. You will fulfill Your words for sure, but how long Baba? How long do I need to wait? You know well that how much I miss him, please Baba it’s enough one year I suffered a lot without him, please stop this suffering. I know it’s not a simple thing, but only You can do it. You can do any miracle in the world. Please do it Baba. He is a nice guy even though he is other nationality, I felt only him as my close friend, it’s like You took away only toy from a child, please imagine my feeling. I want him again, he is good at heart, I never seen him anything bad or he never did any wrong to anyone in office. You know that, but why You made him missing? I feel he is somewhere happy, not missing and not dead. But please only one time make me to meet and talk with him, it’s enough Baba. I’ve said to him more about You, and he wished to visit Shirdi also, we had planned more but everything got destroyed on Sep13,2015 when I hear that he is no more. I couldn’t believe it still, but no any proof or evidence for this. On the third day of this terrible news, You only gave me strength to believe that You will bring him back to me and he is not dead. So I’m still believing, please show me Your miracle. I want to bring him to Shirdi, I want to share Your more miracles with him, I want to give You that Undiyal(saving coins for Baba) by his hands at Your temple either Dubai or in Shirdi. Please Baba, I don’t know still his family and friends missing him or not, but I badly miss him and expecting each and every day for his call and to meet me. I know Baba, You are testing me, but please stop testing. I’m tired and show me Your miracle soon. I want him to be happy wherever he is, please Baba, accept my prayers. Please bring him back. You gave me a hint of his arrival, I’m waiting for this day soon, please don’t disappoint me this time. Please show me Your miracle and please stop my crying. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram!

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