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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Dear Baba, I’m sorry. I feel ashamed to say that I’m Your devotee. I know that You’ll not forgive me, but I’ll wait till end of my life. You know well all the disputes between me and my friend, and now we got separated. But whether my side is right or wrong, my heart seems restless and needs revenge. I know it is wrong, but I can’t compromise my heart from this issue, I want to forget everything but I can’t, I want to concentrate in any other things but I can’t. Only You know what’s happening and happened to me. Please save me from this disgusting situation. Please Deva.

Whatever happened has happened. I know it, but my heart is not well for past two months. Please make my heart and mind clear towards my aims. I could have felt You near me many times, but nowadays You’re not near to me, I feel it. You’re my well wisher, You’ve saved me from many disasters but nowadays I can’t see You. I feel my heart and mind has been filled with unwanted desires and revenges, please remove it. I can’t live without You Deva, please show me my way and come along with me wherever I go. Yet I’ve lots of work to do, preparing for exams and job, studies etc. Please make my mind free and save me from this ugly situation. I’m not asking and will never ask You which side is right, I leave this option to You, please forgive us both. I feel that we both made mistakes and so we got separated and this also Your decision for making us like this. I agree to it, but please show me a way to make my mind clear. Still I’ve more duties for my family and my career. Please let me do it, don’t let my mind get confused or upset.

This is the last letter to talk about this issue between me and my friend. I surrender myself under Your Feet completely, Your wish and You can do anything. I’ll agree whether it’s good or bad. But again I will not ask or talk about anything about this dispute, all I want is to make my mind clear and let me concentrate on my work and studies. Please be with me as before, why I can’t feel You now? Please come back to me again. I’m Your child, please remember You’ve to teach me everything, please forgive me for all my mistakes. Don’t let me do it again, please save me. I know I was not like this before, now my heart and mind is fully disturbed. I’m not well for last two months, please cure me and save me. I’m afraid that I’m going to get any kind of mental issues, please save me Baba. Make me as before, change me, You only can do it. You are my Deva. Please forgive all my mistakes till now in my life, please destroy my sins, please give me a chance once again to correct myself and show me the way to make myself perfect in studies and work.

I’ve promised You many things, waiting for You to fulfill it. Please make it Baba, moreover I’m waiting for someone to meet me and You know well who is that, please make this magical miracle which is not possible. Only You can make it and only for You everything is possible. We are humans. We can’t even imagine Your powers, this world is Yours. You can do anything, we are all under Your Feet for Your blessings. Please give us Your blessings. This letter I’m writing wholeheartedly, please make me come out of this struggle and give me peaceful mind. Hereafter I won’t bother about my friend whether she is here or went to her native, or whatever, You can see everything about everyone. Please don’t let my mind even to think about her, erase all my worries from me, make my heart pure as before, please be with me forever, make me good. I want to feel You again near to me. Om SaiRam Om SaiRam Om SaiRam.

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  1. Sai Ram dear devotee. Don't be so hard on yourself. Baba is so merciful. He is rich in love and slow to anger and loads of blessings to shower on each and everyone. He must have forgiven you the moment you got this thought to seek His forgiveness. He is ofcourse with you which is why you are able to think about Baba and chant His name and got the idea to ask for His forgiveness. Please think positive thoughts and all the best for your future. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

  2. As you have surrendered to His Lotus Feet, now the only thing to do is chant Sai, Sai every time you feel anger in you. It's also a wise and totally normal decision to seek a counsellor or a Psychologist to overcome this.

    Jai Sairam

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