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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Sai devotee from UAE. Hi devotees, my prayer had been published last week in the link: Please Forgive Me Baba – Anonymous Sai Devotee

But I saw some devotees criticized me on the comments. I completely agree to it. But I’m a simple and small human being, still I’m learning the world but still I can’t know to judge the people’s character. I thought it depends on everyone, if she/he behaves with me nice, then I will consider they are good, I don’t care about their outside. But you all can see in my previous prayer to Baba that I asked Him to make both of us prosperous and take care of her life also, to give her a good life. If I write here and post here, I feel that my Baba has accepted my apologize. I’m a normal human being with everything such as anger, love, helping mind, caring etc., I’m asking everyone, anyone could be simply in my situation what I said in this link? I’ve said just 1% in this link, and I just prayed Baba what I thought in my mind, but I saw some devotees blaming me on comments, I don’t understood why. Usually I’ve seen the people who has not parents will be polite and humble. But she is completely different very rude with all. I’ve said to her many many times to change herself but all in vain. At last I became the victim, even she doesn’t like to pray to God, you know one day she said “If she meets God she will slipper Him”, I got too much irritated after hearing this word but though I was silent, because it’s her mind and if I scold, she will get hurt. For everything , most of the things I left it with silence, really I don’t know her character clearly before. But devotees, please think my situation, I’ve given her more than thousand times money whenever she asked me (anyway she gave me back), but I helped her in most of the situations, I taught her everything, she came to my room from an interior village without knowing even to talk or send an email, though I taught her step by step whatever I knew, I thought she is like my sister, I encouraged her for everything. Baba knows what she did for me, NOTHING. She never encouraged me for anything, even if I do something good, she will criticize, only I was helping her. Nobody like her in the entire building, and also in her home and her boy friend also. She has got fourth boyfriend, all left her because of her character, but this boy still don’t know about her clearly, and even he doesn’t know that her parents are alive but she said with all. They died already, but the truth only I know they are alive. That’s why I show pity on her for helping. I’m not saying here, that I helped helped helped, but you are all just listening to what I’m saying. I’m in this situation, inside of this platform and I’m the (only) victim.

I gave her all my credit and debit cards when I went on a vacation to my home. She debited 2100, but she said she took only 500, and I believed her. Five months later I saw the statement. It was 2100 in the period, I asked her, but she said NO, then who took my money? Then she accepted yes, why like this? I never did even for my relations any help but I did for her whatever she asked. She was working as a sales girl in a dress shop even though she is an MBA candidate. She cried that she can’t go for admin position as she has no experience. I felt pity on seeing her crying, so I made all the documents for her from my company as she is working in my company for past three years, do you think anyone do like this? I got permission from my boss to give her a good life as per her qualification, then she got a job in admin, there only she met this boy, her boyfriend now. Even I said I will give some money to her marriage to make her not worry about her marriage. Sometimes I felt she has mental stress, so she is behaving like this. But she wants me to blame others even though they did not do anything wrong, how could I be? All the mistakes from her only in my room, she will never put the things back after using it, she will never close the door when coming in, never switch off the lights of bathroom, etc., how could I blame others for this? But she said I’m blaming only her. Really I’m not like that, she was out and felt bad with her roommates, I brought her to my flat. I thought at least she could be happy somehow but here also too much issues with her roommates, all said to me and blaming me that why you brought her here, is she a good girl? How you were both friends ? We think it’s not at all possible, you have made a very big mistake in your life, but exactly it’s what happened.

She needed to give me around 5000, but at last she gave me only 2500, she got angry that I found from statement that she debited 2100 from ATM. So she argued and accepted only 2500 to give me balance, but you know, how much loss for me. It’s nearly about 1lakh INR for everything, but even though I didn’t mind, what can I do? Already I couldn’t come out of the shock of her behavior change, so I said even this 2500 I don’t need, keep it with you. But dear devotees you are saying to think good only, how is it possible? Am I not human? How can I tolerate this? It’s all showing that I was an idiot, completely my foolishness, and in some case our issue was up to police station, but somehow Baba stopped everything. Just please think, anybody can be like this? She said, she waited for me to find from the statement, I got shocked. So she knew and she did it purposely. And also her words were and slang like a uneducated girl from an interior rural village and like fish market. I don’t know to talk like this local level and low words. Anyway, it was my mistake, everything. So I lost my peace and money also. So I prayed Baba to forgive me for that word I said on her (like she has no parents), but is this alright what she did to me? She’s saying she is grateful for me, is this way to show gratefulness?

Now she is in my room, in my bed, I brought her here, I gave her everything. At last what I got except no peace of mind. I did not expect anything from her but never expect this situation also. For me also, one of my friend brought me to UAE, but till now I’m grateful to them, because right or wrong they helped me to come here. So they are the reason that I’m here and whatever the disputes I never let them down, but her? From last march I stopped to give her money. She asked me four to five times, I said no. After that only all the problems became serious, before she was quiet with me, but once I stopped giving her money she started showing me her original face, isn’t it? My friends said me to do something to harm her, but I did not, just I prayed to Baba only. The only thing I wanted and prayed is that she should go back to India soon, because, how long she is here in UAE, my mind is saying that I did a big mistake, I want this only. Even though in her company they terminated her long ago for her behavior but they agreed at last to continue for next three months. For this also she blamed me that she was in a nice HR position at Chennai. Just for me she came here, now she hates UAE and the people here and the companies also. But the truth is she does not deserve anything, don’t know fluent English, don’t have work knowledge also, don’t know to behave nicely with others, but only know to criticize and blame others and spend money for expensive things. But still I encouraged her for everything. Whatever I do, I’m doing some courses simply just to get knowledge, and planning to make some business in native, and buying cheap and nice things online, visiting temple every week and like much pilgrimage visiting, my devotion, my family, the way I talk close with my family and relations, the way I talk and behave with my all friends, they way in my company they treat me as a queen, the way they treat me in my flat as a queen where we are staying, everything made her become jealous and possessive on me. At last these things everybody said to me, even though I never thought of it before. I may seem outside little rude, but I never had any jealous on anyone, I’m happy with what I have with me. We can see everything on her face, now tell me devotees how could I be normal after everything happened? Here also I said just 5% only, I’m really fed up to listen about her and talking her about her. Finally, I was a fool for four years. This is the punishment for my foolishness.

I prayed to Baba to unite us, but this is the Baba’s final decision to separate us permanently which I completely agreed under His Feet. I have felt Him near to me and to save me into many bad situations, now also I feel it’s His plan only. Just I prayed to Him to send her back to India, and she also wants this only and all my flatmates also need this only, because nobody likes her. Even in Chennai also and here also, there is no one to talk with her except her boy friend. The obvious truth she is the only reason for her helpless situation, she should not blame God or others. I asked Baba to teach her a lesson for her behavior to make her understand what is good for her life and I couldn’t forget that I’ve been cheated so far. So I asked you like that. Anyway I’m sorry Baba. If I have asked You and said to You anything wrong , please forgive me. If I deserve to get punishment , please punish me and I will completely accept it. Please make everyone’s life peacefully. Om Sai Ram. Dear devotees, I’m sorry for everyone for the same , If you feel I’m wrong, please forgive me for what I prayed to Baba and asked Him. But Baba will do what is correct. I didn’t want to harm anyone, but I could not digest this situation which made me fool for four years but I consider this as a lesson only, this lesson from Baba only. Again please forgive me If I’m mistaken and hurt you all in any ways. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Since you said you are young, here are a few words that I think He wants me to write here

    I saw your comment in your previous post where you said that you are getting better. This mail really does not indicate that. If people are pointing out what you have done wrong, with this post you have confirmed that.

    I stopped reading your post the moment I realized there is hatred spewing out. As Baba says, "he who carps and cavils, hurts Me". Baba loves people who suffer and answers their prayers faster.

    Take this as your previous Karma that you have to undergo this pain. Try reading the Sai Satcharitra here – http://www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html and then read the posts that you have put up here. You will see the difference.

    May He bless you with peace.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Hello Sharmaji and this unknown ji,
    I apologise you, this post and my thoughts I had shared first but they published now only….after that only I said I feeling better…now I'm 90% ok..I'm concentrating on my studies , feeling very better…..this post was written 15days before, but they published just today only…. baba ji halping me to get out of this very fast….I m busy myself now don't have time to think about this issue….

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