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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba for the last ten years. I have been experiencing so many miracles of Sai maa. Currently I need Baba’s blessings for my son.

First of all thanks to this administration for giving opportunities to share our experiences. My son did his MS in US in the year 2013–2015. He is a studious guy. He got everything after so much of struggle after going there. He got his OPT extension also very late while all his friends got it two months before. Then he was worried about his contract extension. Even though they said it orally that they will extend but he received it in writing at the very end of the contract period. By this time he started praying Baba. All his UG classmates got their H1B visa last year itself and came to India for stamping, except my son. He had not even got his sponsorship till then. Even Though he is a very good employee they denied giving him sponsorship stating that they will give only after two years of experience as per company’s rule. They asked him to wait till Nov.18 which means he got a chance to apply for H1B visa only one time. After so much persuasion, purely by Baba’s blessings they gave him sponsorship in Feb. My son was reading Sai satcharitra at that time. Sorry Baba for posting this experience very late. Then he applied for H1B visa. Now everyone started getting their visa. My son is still waiting in a depressed state. Please Sairam, give Your blessings to get visa and a good job with friendly environment. I am doing 9 weeks vrat and going to do seven day parayan from tomorrow onwards. Om Sairam.

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