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Shirdi Sai Prayers from Sai Devotee Manjunath Gulaganji from India: Dear God I feel like dying, what can I do. Please forgive me. Please give me a right way to live. Please save me. I am facing lot of problems here, I don’t know the reason. But I want to meet You as soon as possible. Please make it fast. I believe a lot in You God. Please understand my situation and show me a unique way of life. Along with this, in our home discussed about my marriage in next year, so please reply about this also. What I will do, is it possible or so. And please give patience to my mind. Finally place me in the unique job position with maximum salary and tensionless work. Otherwise please give me a MSC seat of best department and help me financially as well. My birth details are below.

Name:- Manjunath, Father’s name:- Ramesh, Mother’s name:- Mahadevi, Date of birth;- 26/02/1995, Time:- 1:25pm, Place:- Mudalagi, Tq:- Gokak Dist:- Belagavi and Village:- Sunadholi. By analysing this also please reply me with explanation of my future career. I believe a lot in You My Dear God. Please don’t leave me alone. Help me, save me and guide me at every moment of my life. Please save me. Myself Manjunath Gulaganji son of Ramesh Gulaganji at post Sunadholi Taluq Gokak District.

Dear God I have completed my degree of B.Sc in Horticulture from College of Horticulture at Bidar for 4 years. After completing my degree of B.Sc Horticulture. Now I am searching for a job but I am not getting correct position or nature of correct work for me. Because I am basically from poor background, financially weak and poor family. Hence I need a job. I am basically unlucky as You know at every moment of my life here I am facing lot of problems. So please save me and place me at Your good place. Dear God

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