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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am devotee of Baba from six years. For me Baba is everything. Even for trivial matters I seek help from Sai Baba’s question and answer site. Baba knows well what I am going through in my life.

Recently, I met a guy from online matrimonial site. He came to visit me too. Everything seems well. I am also going to his place to meet his family. Marriage is important for me. I have suffered many hardships alone till now. I need a companion who can walk with me in thick and thin. I am also facing financial problem. Due to my foolishness and absurd thinking I wasted lot of money and right now I hardly have money. Buying ticket was also difficult but somehow I arranged. I have been many cheated many times. But this time, the best part is after meeting boy’s family I would be visiting Shirdi. I request Baba to call this guy too for darshan along with me to Shirdi so that we both can have darshan.

I request Baba to shower His blessings on us and make things work in a positive manner and we both are able to tie knots with each other in humble presence of Baba. Let there be no obstruction in our marriage and only and only blissful blessings of Baba on both of us and our families. Baba, please help in resolving financial issues so that I am dependent on myself and be able to bear expenses of marriage along with Your humble guidance. Let the love between two of us (the boy and me) increase day by day and with blessings of Baba we have a happy married life. Baba, please help us. Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Raja Dhi Raj Yogiraj Prabhbrahm Sainath Maharaj Ji Jai.

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