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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Kuwait: With heavy heart, I am requesting you all to Pray for me and my family. I am from Kuwait and Baba has kept us safe all these time and I am sure still He will continue the same. Situation in Gulf now is a soaring problem for all. I am from middle class family drawing a small amount of salary but was sufficient to maintain daily chores of myself and children. My husband is not very supportive financially and mentally and so I took care of children. In Gulf the current scenario is hike in rent price. I and my parents used to stay in an old building spacious enough for a small family to live and had support of my parents to look after the children. Life was going smooth enough even though finance was not growing.

At present I am facing some problems. Now the building owner has sold his property and the new owners have given us maximum 3 months to stay and need to leave after that. By march kids exam and new academic year starts and require high amount for fees, books. Flats sold are of high rent and cannot matchup. We requested the owner to give us time till end of april so that after exams, we can sent our children to India or find ample time to get a flat for a better rent. Our building kids are small including mine and cannot move to far off places as school was near to our building. School fees are very high and cannot afford for any extra payment for bus. I request you all to pray for us to get permission to stay till April End and would be a relaxation for all the families as the owner said he would give the final answer today.

Also I wanted to admit my children in Kerala in Baba’s School in Kochi. Please pray that they get admission there without any hassles. To be frank my parents do not believe in Baba so they might also rebel. Kindly pray so that I get the path smooth enough to admit my kids in that school. If I have to sent my kids to India in April and we need to leave the current building by Feb and stay for 2 months is another problem. Cannot afford to spend money on high rate flats and to get flats for 2 months nearby is really tough.

And I was planning to build a small house in Kochi at a low budget. But that also does not seem to move in time. Always some hazzles in budget. Really I am confused, what to do? Please pray for us to Baba to show us a clear cut path and guide us. Kindly keep us in your prayers.

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